Sunday Earworm: I sing because I am Happy

Happy Sunday!! I hope you have many reasons to sing today, and all week!

Sunday Earworm: Friends

I always try to council wisely, but I know I fall short. It can be hard to let old habits die, which is to stubbornly plow ahead…. even if there are big rocks and stumps in the way! I’ve found it’s also important to check in and listen. I’m working on listening. I talk a lot and don’t have many outlets… so I have been known to take advantage. So like I say to my son sometimes, “It’s not always about you, and that’s okay.” And it is! So cherish your friends today and enjoy your Sunday!

Sunday Earworm: Circumstances and Focus

As a teacher I have seen children come from horrific circumstances rise. Speaking from an experience of abuse and neglect I know how hard it is to struggle. So when I see the children from these circumstances, I feel it. Yet, they come into school and they learn, they make good relationships, they decide the person that they are going to be and they choose to be something else. Their focus of their lives almost always is to be something better. That is admirable and difficult and amazing.

We also have a choice to focus our lives in spite of the absolute mess we deal with everyday. Sometimes we fail. That’s okay. In spite of the circumstances we are given we can thrive.

I hope this week you can thrive in spite of any and all of your circumstances. Focus on what matters: Family, Friends, Home, Spirituality, Goodness… whatever you value. I know you can do it because in spite of it all, YOU are strong.💜