Oh My Goodness!!!

Thank you so much everyone! I truly am in awe that I have garnered 100 followers! I never dreamed I would get this far, and besides being a pleasant surprise, it’s a humbling one. To know what I say and feel has merit, it’s wonderful!

Thank you so much for subscribing, reading, commenting, following, tweeting, reblogging, watching and being here; I truly appreciate it!!

Thank You So Much!

I celebrate my blogging milestones because blogging has become so much to me. I don’t foresee 1,000,000,000 of subscribers in my future and if I actually hit 100 subscribers in the next month, I may become light headed with joy. I just enjoy creating and releasing what I create into the world! Thank you all so much for reading, for liking, for commenting, for subscribing, and for caring! I appreciate the time you take out if your afternoon to listen to my sundries!!

Thank you a thousand times thank you!

Thank You All!


I know they say don’t celebrate every little thing but, in the last 24 hours 6 people followed my little blog! Their follows have pushed me over the 70 mark, and I thank you all for the follows!

I also want to thank those of you still here, even after my hiatus! Thank you so much for giving me the time to get things under control!

Thank you! Here’s to more Sundries for everybody!!

Hurray! Celebrate!


I have registered afternoonofsundries.com as my domain name, all for the low price of $26! Yes, I splurged, I had been toying with the idea of purchasing this domain for awhile. It seemed if I forwent a couple of personal luxuries (which may be causing me troubles anyhow) this month, I could afford the Domain, for a year!

So the next time you need me, it’s afternoonofsundries.com!

I also wish to celebrate this:

Thank you so very much to all of the people who have subscribed, followed, Read often my blog. Not only is it gratifying to know you are reading but, many of you comment as well. I feel very welcomed by you all to the land of WordPress! I truly thank you for every comment and like!

Thank you so very much for being here for me and joining me during your mornings, afternoons and evenings!

Celebrating Blogging Milestones!

Maybe it’s because I am a new blogger but, I feel like I should appreciate the people who have taken the time to read, comment, visit, and subscribe to my blog. As I said in my VIBA post, I started this blog because I needed too. It’s be completely wonderful and pleasant to find that people are reading my content!


Over 1,000 views! I cannot believe it! How wonderful!

I cannot stop there though! Those of you who have taken the time to follow me, to decide that you want to hear what I say more than once…. I am humbled and I thank you sincerely for your attentions!