Looks Like You’re Ready For a Girl

CDubs is 14 months and already I hear the ominous phrase, “It’s time for a little girl.” Followed by stomach rubbing or comments about my weight.

Remember, I’ve got a thing in my brain. I have explained before, I produce a lot of extra hormones, all of the ones a pregnant person produces in fact. Except, I cannot get pregnant while my body already thinks I pregnant! But, explaining that to strangers…. Good luck!

So I say something jovial about being happy with myself. That should distract them!

Except…. Then people feel uncomfortable. I actually love myself and don’t care about my weight. Sure, I’m what a lot of people call fat. (I’m not really. I’m pretty healthy for again, a person with a thing in their brain!)

I feel like, it’s character that matters most in the end, and no matter how you feel about me, it’s how I feel about me that matters. My journey to myself.

 (Image: http://www.norebbo.com)

Normally, this isn’t anyone’s business. I mean really, you made your comment, I corrected the assumption with good humor. Today though, the woman became horrified that she offended me and I guess my humor was false? So she’s trying to make things right but it’s only getting worse. So I explain she is okay and why I look pregnant as succinctly as possible and then it ends with random people hugging me and I’m thinking, “What just happened?”

This instance is my 4th instance of  “it’s time for another baby.” No, nooo, I’m okay…

How I feel is this, I may look like I’m ready for a second baby, but CDubs needs to be in public school before I even decide to talk about, talking about conceiving. I am barely staying afloat as it is, adding another! Now I have the best mutated form of birth control ever (albeit dangerous, so please make sure ladies you take all missed periods seriously, especially 3 years of missed periods) so I think I can make good on my plans.

But try convincing these baby enthusiasts that. You’ve got one miracle baby and now it’s time for two. Miracles take time right? Maybe 4 more years? (Please God) it will give me time to decide how to deflect these crazy comments….