Weekday Beverage Share: Spring Break 2018

The idea of a weekly/weekend coffee share/beverage share post was invented by the blogger Parttimemonster. I have recently lost her blogging url and cannot find it. If you know where she is now, I’d love to give her credit/link to her blog!

I would have Lemonade by the pitcher full on my back slab-o-concrete with chocolate croissants waiting for you for this week’s catch up; it’s been awhile and I’ve got the time to actually put something out.

It’s spring break and for the first time in years I do not have the pleasure of having a guest this week. Usually my little sister comes by with her big ideas on how to get my house in hand. Its become pretty clear that the problem is we have too much stuff for our little apartment townhouse. Since I’ve donated copious bags of stuff every year for the last 4 years I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s time… for real estate. For us to own a house of our own, with property.

We are currently tossing $615 to the wind every month. Our place isn’t great, it’s not the right size, and the last windy day blew off some siding and our attic is exposed a bit to the elements…. and it’s been weeks. No fix.

So that and a laundry list of other things and the rent hike makes me think, it’s time for the lack of repairs to me my and my husband’s fault. There is just no space and no where in town to rent that is better. There is a lot of government housing here, and it’s needed (don’t get me wrong). We don’t qualify and there are people leaving town more so than renting out spaces. So after looking to rent a home, you know taking a step up from an apartment, we realized we would rather start paying on a home.

We’re heading to the big times folks.

Now I’ve been talking to folks in town, sussing out realtors, looking for rentals, looking at Trulia and Realtor dot com for a couple of months. We’ve been talking about moving seriously for less than a year. We’ve been talking about leaving this area for 5 years.

Why buy a house then?

Well, we’ve been trying to leave this place. Last year I even got two jobs 2 hours away, one for Ry and me. We just couldn’t find a place to live. It seemed like, every time we tried to leave we were being blocked from doing so in some way. I know some people don’t believe in fate or portents and the like, but I do. Now it seems like my husband does as well.

Well he always has, I just think he’s believing more in fate now.

So I sucked it up and called a realtor (I hate calling strangers) and he listened to, briefly, what we were looking for. Out of the five choices the realtor gave us, we picked four to tour. Out of the four we are looking at, three we are interested in.

Do you want to see?

One is crazy. It’s huge. This house is a little more than 3,000 square feet. Why? Well it wasn’t a house at first…

You see, I’m looking at the size of the rooms, I’m looking at the fans on the front porch, the drive through shed in the back and the sturdy tile in the living area and I realize this isn’t a house. Well it is now but it was something, like a meeting house, a small town meeting center, a something. Maybe even a church:

This is all one room. One. Room. (Do you see the air pipe back there?!)

I could put a whole Boy Scout troop in here for a sleepover. My church could host a lock-in. How would one decorate such a mammoth place?!

That’s not all, look at the kitchen:

Look at the sink:

I mean holy Lord, that’s an industrial sink (look at the granite countertops!!).

So I look at the bedrooms which look nice and I am supremely glad that the bathrooms do NOT have stalls:

I really cannot take it. What was this place?! Was it a compound?! Will the South rise again?! (I sincerely hope not)

Nah, it turns out it was a Shriner’s Club. The local club moved into a building on Main Street. The big old barn/shed is where they kept those little cars and did drive through plate sales! I suppose the bedrooms were offices and the like! One other family has lived there since they moved the club.

So it’s highly unlikely to be inhabited by le dead people (that was on my list. Seriously. I asked for homes where no one has died violent deaths: murders, suicides, etc.) . There is a huge wooded area outback as well that can be explored and CDubs does want a tree house… but how much would it cost to heat this place? To cool? These are questions for such large rooms and high ceilings!

Maybe I just also want to see the place, cause wow. Imagine!

The other two are less strange, to be sure, and have always been houses.

This one has been updated quite a bit and I do like the deck:

There is also a covered porch (I believe they mean screened in), and the kitchen is large but I hate the countertops:

Chickens are always an interesting styling choice.

And then there is this strangeness:

Why a rail? Is there a staircase there? Why?

I’m not too keen on this one…

And the last place is better than the previous (based on photos and my preferences of course):

The bathrooms really stood out to me:

Hello-o-o tile!

And the bedrooms look pretty good:

Where we live there are not many choices of schools, so it wouldn’t matter where we lived, CDubs would still go to the same schools. I mean these places are all over in and out side of town. He would still go to the same elementary even if we stayed where we live now.

All properties have varying acreage and space in between neighbors. All are edge of town towards the country side so the crime is less prevalent. Our payments on all 3 of the places would be about the same give or take $15.

So. Friday we are going to go tour all four places (one of the places I really didn’t like but Ry does want to see it, hidden gems and all that.). A friend is tagging along for the Shriner’s club visit, because she just cannot believe the size of this place! I also appreciate her coming to the most… strange property. She has owned a large home for 15+ years, renovated the place (built in the 1800’s, horsehair plaster walls, saw a flipping ghost yesterday from the chest up, not even kidding.), and knows much about owning a home. She knows questions to ask that I just wouldn’t. Could be a good template/script for the other 3 viewings. (What to say and ask about etc.) I will be researching today and tomorrow questions to ask the realtor, but if you have any suggestions, sage advice, government programs I should know about…. please share them with me!

I’m pretty darn sure there is going to HAVE to be a government loan involved. However, my parents did it, my friends did it, old neighbors, church members… it’s not like it’s a risky thing, well more so than a bank loan. I also understand overall a 30 year fixed rate mortgage would be the best for us. I also know it’s in the realtor’s best interest for us to buy a home so they will help us out with their extensive knowledge as much a possible. I also know no matter how many recent upgrades, new wiring, whatever it MUST be inspected first by a licensed home inspector.

So I’m not completely ignorant it’s just this is big folks. Big.

Let me tell you CDubs is excited. He wants a bigger room, more places to play, a tree house, a puppy, I mean his little wishes are exploding out his body! He’s like hmmmm what can I do with more room…

I personally just want to have a proper guest room. I mean yes, one for me and Ry, one for CDubs, but then another for guests. We live so far away from folks that it would be so nice to have the ability to say, “no, instead of us putting you up at a hotel (or you driving home), you can stay with us.” Maybe we won’t have to drive as much to visit family with guest rooms, because we will have one for them!

In other news, I would share this:

It seems that one should always listen to one’s doctors but keep in mind that doctors do employ technicians trained to read certain films and labs for a reason.

So my tumor has compacted smaller than it was BEFORE I had CDubs. Can’t have an MRI when your pregnant or breastfeeding after all. (Okay maybe you can when breastfeeding, not sure about that.) He was born a year after the last MRI (that they are comparing this recent one to). This could mean that it is safe to have more children. If that’s something we want to do. I am still not so sure myself. I don’t feel like it’s time to have another, if that makes sense. We may not decide on a house any time soon. It’s not just that large change that’s putting me off. It just feels like a no right now, and I’m going to respect that.

It’s not like I don’t have, thanks to modern medicine, 10 years at least maybe 15, to have another baby. Then there is adoption etc.

We will just have to see, one thing at a time. A smaller tumor is good news though.

I think on that note, we’d probably go into the kitchen and do some dishes and talk about you! Do you have anything to share? A link to a personal update or good news, bad news, inspiring news you want to share? Please comment below and enjoy your week!

Weekend Beverage Share: The Busy Month of March!

(A coffee share/beverage share is not my original idea but the original idea of parttimemonster… whose website I cannot find. If you know where her blog moved to, I’d love to link her!!)

Hey-o my friends! How are you all doing! The air still has a wintry chill, so today I think I’ll be sipping some hot coca.

I would have you join me outside on our “patio” and view our spring set up:

The little white swing is actually a bird feeder. We tried filling it with a wild bird birdseed mix. We were very disappointed at first, it seemed like nothing was eating our seeds! It took some time but we noticed only the sunflower seeds were being picked at.

We took a trip to our local tractor supply and discovered that sunflower earring birds are Song Birds. After buying a big bag I devised a plan. I threw a couple handfuls outside our back gate and filled up the swing with the new mix. Now we have birds everywhere in the morning:

We have a cardinal couple that visit, a male and female, a couple blackbirds, and lots of feisty robins.

Our cats are also getting into the habit of walks on the patio:

One is more adventurous than the other…

CDubs is also enjoying the outdoors, but for different reasons. He is turning 4 this month and to celebrate we planned a part on the only Saturday we have off this month:

He had a great time! Unfortunately, none of his daycare friends came, but luckily a lot of church friends came and so did my coworker’s kids. CDubs did not even mention that his best friend wasn’t there- which I am eternally grateful for. (He had asked me everyday if his friend was coming.) The kids from church did a great job of keeping him busy!

In other news, I had a change in medication. I changed my insurance to a better plan and my pharmacy changed pill suppliers. Last month’s pills were cheaper and the formula was different. I feel much better now than I did with the other pills. I don’t get knocked on my butt when I take them and I’m not loopy at all. The next day I’m not motion sick or anything. They are amazing and I am so glad I have them.

I also had a big appointment yesterday. Even though we left on time, and I was on time for my MRI, my MRI took longer than the person who scheduled my appointments thought. I was 40 minutes late to my second appointment. My doctor was late that morning so, when they asked if I could still be seen, she said she couldn’t punish me for being late when she had been late as well. I tried to assure her it wasn’t on purpose, but I feel like I just made her feel like I was making excuses. Ah well, I knew when they made this appointment that it was too close to the MRI. I’ll insist next time, that the appointments are further apart.

I was going to upload some pictures from my imaging cd… but my husband does have a CD drive!

I suppose it will be a mystery for another day, lol.

As I mentioned my doctor has some theories. She of course wants the films (?) analyzed by the professionals but she gave me her opinion.

So I took Ryan out to lunch and told him what she told me. It seems that my tumor has grown. When it’s a macro adenoma you’re safe, less headaches, can have babies that sort of thing. I might not be in macro adenoma land anymore. This means headaches and definitely staying on my medicine. Definitely. It also means, not only is it finically not a good idea to have children, it’s not a healthy choice for me either. Obviously if I became pregnant accidentally we would talk to my doctors like last time, but as last time, we are being careful. (My medication is for tumor compaction, it’s not a cure)

Of course, we will look forward towards official updates, measurements, test results, etc. when the time comes.

A rare occurrence allowed me to purchase another pair of Tieks:

And I am carefully, in dry weather, breaking them in. I can’t say they are stretched comfortably yet (they are leather after all), but they are on their way. I look forward to wearing these to pieces as well.

I have a cool lesson for tomorrow at church. I don’t think my PP is keen on it, but that’s the good thing about being the music leader, I can made my own decisions about music time. Still not one hundred percent on if I’m allowed to make Song choices for the program but I’ll ask my stake music leader tomorrow.

We are supposed to work on our third verse tomorrow for “If the Savior Stood beside me,” which is a song about making choices as if Jesus were right there. A very talented woman made me a prop with her handy dandy vinyl machine:

As a musician we are asked often to look at a mirror to notice things we often wouldn’t when we perform. I didn’t use to open my mouth enough when I was singing for instance. I want to talk about that briefly then have each child come up one by one and notice how they look when they sing. They aren’t allowed to share what they notice with others but take note of how they look, are their mouths open, is there space all the way back, that sort of thing. My hope is at first they notice that then focus in and see Jesus.

The idea is, though we don’t always see him there, he is there. When we go about our lives or even sing at the Primary Program Jesus is there with us. Does that change who we want to be? How we sing?

I’m hoping this makes them think and invites the spirit. I could be reading too far into this, but I think she thinks I’m being too complex. It can’t just be word all the time. We need to understand what we are singing. We aren’t little puppets. Not that she thinks that, but sometime I feel like one. I tried to call her earlier this week, yesterday, and today to talk about that and feelings I’ve had but she didn’t have time. So I’m just going to have to ambush her tomorrow. I tried man. I tried to do this over the phone in the privacy of our homes. Eh. I like her a lot but I’m not just rolling over. At the same time, I won’t cry if suddenly I’m released. I love the kids. I just feel like I’m not allowed to teach and that my music education degree is seen as a detriment instead of an asset. It’s apart of me. I have to use that knowledge. It is what it is. So drama at the meeting house tomorrow I guess…

I’m just saying, if you are to be an instrument of God’s will there is no way you can make a sound if others are clamping down your strings in order to keep you silent, or worse yet, to only allow you to play the parts that they, as humans, want to hear.

That got a little too serious for coca, sorry about that. I hope your March is going well and that many blessings go your way! Until later my friends!

Like a Red Sea.

Men folk, just skip this one. I love you dearly but I don’t think you want to know. Some of you ladies might want to run too.
I tried to warn you. TMI:

Look, it always the same.

When was the last time you had your period?

A year (two) (three) ago.

What day exactly?

I don’t know, that was a long while ago.

Well we need to know because…

My uterus shriveled up and died. It has a vacancy sign. It’s hoarding its eggs, its anti sperm, it doesn’t remember how to ovulate. I do not have a period. I do not take birth control. I am not pregnant. It is medically impossible. TRUST ME.

Ma’am I need you to pee in this cup. We’re going to do a pregnancy test. (I know they test other things in urine)


I’ve spent thousands of dollars on specialists, drugs, many MRI scans, and little men with cold scapulae to decide what’s wrong with me.

The last period I had occurred April 2014. I know this because my hormones were still high enough from childbirth for one to occur normally. (The stars aligned, etc for me to even have a child. The odds against me were overruled by divine intervention. I think God just enjoys hearing Doctors say, “You can’t.” So he can say, “Bah! Watch this!”)

Prior to that, it had been 5 years since Aunt Flo visited. Before that I menstruated a measly 7 years. Compared to the rest of the world, I’m still a teenager.

I do not ovulate. I have enough eggs stored up to make thousands of people parents. (Seriously) It is not natural.  But it is what it is.

I admit, not buying pads, not having mood swings, not searching the land for rare steaks to ingest, was extremely appealing. I mean no one wants to do this for 7 to 12 days.

So truly, when I say being visited by the red tide, for the first time in 3 years, wasn’t exactly a welcome, expected event.

First, I had acne.

Deep facial acne. I couldn’t make them stop.

Then I lost my appetite. I just couldn’t eat. Didn’t want to. My stomach hurt and I felt lazy as heck.

And then, much to my bemusement, I had a sign. I laughed and thought, “Yeah right, maybe I should visit my doctor in June though.”

And it came.

Can I tell you I didn’t miss cramps? Bloating? The want to not move from under my blanket fort that I erected on my bed? (I am FREEZING. )I want to eat all the cows.

And there is so.much.blood.

I know it’s stupid but I forgot.

I told my husband:

He didn’t really appreciate the jest. But I mean seriously, going to the emergency room or urgent care because I’ve gotten my red wings this month? It’s seems so ridiculous!

However, this is distinctly odd. I will have to see if it returns in July…  you know, monthly, like normal people’s would. Will shark week be every month or a once every three years when a planet is retrospective and such?

Until then, I ride the crimson wave and remember the joys of womanhood.

Here Comes the Sun

Here comes the sun, here comes the sun…

How’s everyone doing tonight/ today? If you recall, I just got off Spring Break! I am just about to complete my first week back to school.

And I say its all right…

And it’s been pretty rough. This week. The children are completely off the rails. They are ready for the summer, they are done learning, they don’t care the concert is 3 weeks away. Give them testing and release them into the world! (Lol and sigh all at the same time!)

Little darling, it’s been a long cold lonely winter…

It has. I am so glad the sun is shining. I can feel the heat by the afternoon. Summer is coming. Which is welcome because we are further from the flood back in October, further through the year, further towards the future.

Little darling, it seems like years since it’s been here…

And with that, I have to say I had to have more tests run. They haven’t struck the diagnosis of Cushing’s Disease (a condition in which the pituitary gland releases too much adrenocorticotropic hormone (ACTH).) from my chart yet. They aren’t sure. Yes, it’s fatal. No that doesn’t mean I’m dying.
Here comes the sun, here comes the sun And I say it’s all right…

Fatal means if it’s untreated you die. Terminal means baby there’s not much we can do but fight and pray. It’s just the waiting. And peeing in jugs (really) and having blood drawn, reflexes checked over and over, eyes checked; needles, jugs, hoods, vials, paper sheets on tables, long car rides to specialists. I’d been putting it off. She gave me a year to get tested again cause everything seems all good.

Little darling, the smiles returning to the faces…

And it probably is. I’ve had one migraine this year. No headaches that make me cry, or pass out. No tumor activity. So it’s like I’m normal. That’s good.

Little darling, it seems like years since it’s been here…

But you see, just cause things seem okay doesn’t mean I get to stay away. Haven’t had an MRI in 2 years (finally paid off the 3rd one right around CDub’s birth) because I haven’t seemed to need one. But I always have to return. Be monitored. And wait for tests, and will I get pills or won’t I get pills? Do I need to get on birth control so I can have my period or not? Should I see this person or have that done?

Here comes the sun, here comes the sun And I say it’s all right…

But. No point in worrying. My test should be done. I finished it last Thursday. Usually, usually if it’s bad I hear from them right away. Like by this Friday. Then again, I got the test done at this hospital. Not the one my doctor works at (She was 4th in her class at Yale. You’d travel 3 hours to see her too. Plus she’s super nice). But then again, she’s a no news is good news kind of lady.

Sun, sun, sun, here it comes

Sun, sun, sun, here it comes

Sun, sun, sun, here it comes

Sun, sun, sun, here it comes

Sun, sun, sun, here it comes
Little darling, I feel that ice is slowly melting…

So I guess, I’ll just sit. Pray. Eat food. Not think too hard and worry about the upcoming Band trip and keeping things clean. Hubs is gone 6 nights a week now.

Little darling, it seems like years since it’s been clear…

And I haven’t had any trouble for two years. Yes I’m tired a lot, yes I forget things a lot (where I moved papers etc). Yes I am irritable and all that but you know… teaching in a public school in the USA when they are talking about cutting all teaching positions you could fill/are currently filling in a year would make anyone feel like that.

Here comes the sun, here comes the sun
And I say it’s all right….

Because it is alright. That’s the song I’ve had in my head since I decided to write about this waiting of mine. Must be a sign from God. Just have to relax, let go and wait because..

Here comes the sun, here comes the sun

It’s all right, it’s all right….

The Brain Game II

If you’ve known me long, you are already familiar with The Brain Game that I have to play daily, for life.

However, something strange has happened.

I’ve gained weight. Let me explain the strangeness of this statement. My hair and my body have been stuck on an exact weight/ measurement for 5 years (before baby). It didn’t grow, it didn’t change. I walked miles to work, I ran, I jogged. Nothing changed.

My nails have been brittle during this time as well. Hormones being off, things don’t really work properly.

But my hair is growing. I’ve gained weight, my nails are actually long.

How strange it is to be out of this limbo. Why? Why now?

But I’ve been tripping, falling a bit. Very tired. Very, bone achingly tired. Not good.

So I scheduled an appointment. CDubs is just two, it’s time to stop breastfeeding. Time to start-up again. Tests, tests, scans, pills, drives to specialists and missing work.

So I went, the other week, it was time. Can’t put it off anymore, too many oddities.

She said my reflexes are slow (yeah, I noticed on the way down to the ground) which is worrisome. For now, I was to have a blood test and later, another test. The results of the blood test, I’d get soon. “No news is good news,” she said to me as I left.

Perhaps then, you’ll understand my tingle of fear when I saw a white envelope, hospital grade with light blue print, confirming a letter had arrived from my doctor.

Test Results. News.

“While we still need to run one more test from your home hospital, which is very important, it seems your levels (edit: of prolactin) are at 25% above normal. Considering they were 98% before pregnancy, that you are not on any medications presently, and that you are in fact breastfeeding now, this 25% is normal (for someone breastfeeding). No MRI is needed. No medicines are needed at  this time. Depending on second test’s outcome, see you in 6 months.”

It’s quite, shocking.

It’s like the tumor isn’t there folks. I mean it’s there, gotta keep my end of the bargain. But it’s not messing with my brain.

No MRIs for now. No horrible little pills that make me sick. Normal hormone production, for the first time in a long time!

It’s like it’s not there!

God is Good! Look what He did!

(I’ll set up the test soon, I promise)

Looks Like You’re Ready For a Girl

CDubs is 14 months and already I hear the ominous phrase, “It’s time for a little girl.” Followed by stomach rubbing or comments about my weight.

Remember, I’ve got a thing in my brain. I have explained before, I produce a lot of extra hormones, all of the ones a pregnant person produces in fact. Except, I cannot get pregnant while my body already thinks I pregnant! But, explaining that to strangers…. Good luck!

So I say something jovial about being happy with myself. That should distract them!

Except…. Then people feel uncomfortable. I actually love myself and don’t care about my weight. Sure, I’m what a lot of people call fat. (I’m not really. I’m pretty healthy for again, a person with a thing in their brain!)

I feel like, it’s character that matters most in the end, and no matter how you feel about me, it’s how I feel about me that matters. My journey to myself.

 (Image: http://www.norebbo.com)

Normally, this isn’t anyone’s business. I mean really, you made your comment, I corrected the assumption with good humor. Today though, the woman became horrified that she offended me and I guess my humor was false? So she’s trying to make things right but it’s only getting worse. So I explain she is okay and why I look pregnant as succinctly as possible and then it ends with random people hugging me and I’m thinking, “What just happened?”

This instance is my 4th instance of  “it’s time for another baby.” No, nooo, I’m okay…

How I feel is this, I may look like I’m ready for a second baby, but CDubs needs to be in public school before I even decide to talk about, talking about conceiving. I am barely staying afloat as it is, adding another! Now I have the best mutated form of birth control ever (albeit dangerous, so please make sure ladies you take all missed periods seriously, especially 3 years of missed periods) so I think I can make good on my plans.

But try convincing these baby enthusiasts that. You’ve got one miracle baby and now it’s time for two. Miracles take time right? Maybe 4 more years? (Please God) it will give me time to decide how to deflect these crazy comments….

The Brain Game

As I have alluded to, and down right mentioned in a post or three on here, I have medical issues. I give you, the mystical pituitary adenoma:

20140618-211056-76256579.jpg(Image from: gammaknifeonline)

So it’s a tumor that is generally non-cancerous, located in or on the pituitary gland. They can vary in size, from 1mm up to a golf ball size or beyond. It can either be inside the glad or outside the gland. Pituitary tumor removal is tricky, but much easier with our current medical technology. Brain surgery of course would be required, and depending, the loss of the gland itself may be necessary and a strict pill regimen taken up, for life. (Cause you kinda need that gland to live, you know). This is however, is only necessary in extremely large tumor cases.

The list of evils I can befall if it grows golf ball sized are vision loss of varying types and degrees. There is possibility of complete blindness too. Sometimes it can cause excessive growth throughout the body, it can cause weight gain, it can cause over abundance of hormones, infertility, or death. In children, it does a slew of other things as well.

So I have a thing in my head. I started to have hormone issues, though I didn’t know why, when I was 23 or so. I went to a great many doctors who had no clue as to why my period stopped. At the age of 25 I went to a general practitioner at a clinic who listened to my symptoms and ordered an MRI. I have had 6 since. He was correct in his assumption, that I did indeed have a pituitary tumor of some sort.

So my “Symptoms” (I guess is the best word…) are: excessive cortisol production, excessive prolactin production, weight gain, thyroid inflammation, fertility issues, headaches, raised blood pressure and general suckiness. So think of being pregnant for 3 plus years without the baby… all the mood swings, hunger, exhaustion minus a baby.

I take a pill called Cabergoline that combats the prolactin and cortisol production. I almost feel normal on this pill. The rest of the side effects ended up being a delightful bonus. Cabergoline has been known to cause increased fertility. Which is why I have a bouncing baby boy.

My tumor otherwise is 9mm (the size of your pinky nail) and pretty okay overall. I get massive headaches, but so do people who suffer from migraines.

The blessing in all of this is, I was infertile and because of the pill and God, I had my beautiful boy. There were risks all to do with the tumor growing during pregnancy (pregnancy hormones make babies and tumors grow… Who knew?) and possible death. However my tumor is small and I was responding to treatment so, I got the go ahead from my endocrinologist. The doubling and tripling in size were not as statistically grim for me.

As long as I take my pills and I keep being monitored by an endocrinologist, I am fine. During my pregnancy I was off my medications (because you want to be fat and producing prolactin when pregnant) and because I came through my pregnancy so well, I get to stay off my medications and put off my next MRI (so that I may breastfeed my son longer). Most women with my tumor chose not to risk it and do not breastfeed.

So that’s basically my biggest issue, health wise. If you had to had a tumor in your brain, no getting out of it, you would probably pick to have one like mine. It’s slow-growing and non cancerous. Also as far as they know it’s not hereditary.

I also know I sound so… Blasé about it, and that drives people crazy. It’s just… For me, if I think too hard about it, dwell too long… It’s too much. My life, I had an unfortunate childhood filled with different types of abuse, bullying, and depression, then I go find happiness for the first time in my life and… This. It could make you very sad indeed. It’s best not to dwell.

I choose to suck it up buttercup! Go out there and live my life and kick booty. So I choose cheerfulness, I choose to be positive. Most of the time. I am Human and sometimes I get down but, I like to think I do a good job of keeping all of that at bay.

Anyway, that’s health issue #2 for me, I write about my other issue soon. It’s a very rare condition (oooooooo!! Lol) and you probably have never heard if it. That’s for another day, however!