Thank You So Much!

I celebrate my blogging milestones because blogging has become so much to me. I don’t foresee 1,000,000,000 of subscribers in my future and if I actually hit 100 subscribers in the next month, I may become light headed with joy. I just enjoy creating and releasing what I create into the world! Thank you all so much for reading, for liking, for commenting, for subscribing, and for caring! I appreciate the time you take out if your afternoon to listen to my sundries!!

Thank you a thousand times thank you!

Thank You!

I just want to thank all of my visitors and subscribers for this:



For a small blogger, to me, this is huge. I’ve only been writing for a month or so, and only to help me pass time time and keep writing fit. I am on maternity leave and I am so used to writing lesson plans every week. I needed an outlet while my baby napped on me.

So the idea that, something born out of the need to do, barely advertised and it reaching (to me), such a large number of views. Even in accident; it’s marvelous.

Thank you for viewing and thank you for subscribing!!!