Kids Say the Darndest Things Vol. 5

(Definition courtesy of Google)

I was talking to my students about learning small ensemble pieces for a small coffee-house type event we may have in the future. I told them I wanted solo, duet, trio, etc performances but no more than 4 or 5 people in a group. After a flurry of activity, students grouped up and wrote down song preferences and who was to be in which group. One group approached me with such  a paper and written on it was 4 names and a song followed by the word “Quadropolet.”

I asked, confused what this word was and I was told a trio was three musicians so four must be a Quadropolet.


After a laugh I told them the group would be called a quartet. Then I congratulated  them because they are awesome for inventing such a word.

A group of students were listening to me talk about something they obviously thought was unimportant because this happened:


Yes, yes it will. After asking why she would even let another person jam their finger into her new flute, a young man coughed and explained he had just gotten his finger stuck in his flute as well.


Finally, today a young man had a very familiar excuse for me after I noticed his District 5 button was missing.

 (Image by Trebory deviant art)

“It wasn’t missing I just didn’t give it back yesterday.”

“So you stole it?”

“Yes- Wait- No I didn’t steal it, I was going to bring it back.”

Which he did, but still…. I knew it was an accident, just own up. It’s okay, I won’t get mad!

Ah well youth, yes?

Children Say… The Darnedest Things


So, Friday I am teaching my most… Exuberant 5th grade class about patriotism, reviewing The Star Spangled Banner and trying to convince them the lyrics are important. Most of my kids have no clue what the lyrics to our national anthem are. They know how the first 2 lines are hummed, and that’s it.

So I am trying to give them thoughts towards loving our country because if you love the USA then you’d try to learn the National Anthem… In theory.

So we copy down our notes:

And I start checking student notebooks.

To the answer “why do you love America?” I received this answer, “because in America, I don’t have to work.”


And the second comment happened today, during these notes:


I suppose the student in question had some sort of accent but, one of her fellow peers informed her that she sounded like one of the women in the movie The Help. I really don’t care if both students were African American, that was just a comment too far.

These kids. I tell you. They say the craziest things.

Lastly, I give you the most creative slaughtering of my last name, “Gillespie:”


Ah youth.