Thankful and Grateful: Eyes on the Prize!

Hello! Happy November! I hope we are all enjoying the new month so far!

During the summer, I stumbled across an amazing set of Gratitude Prompts and decided then and there that I would do one a day in the month of November until I ran out!

Let’s see if I can do it!

Today’s prompt is, “What’s something you’re looking forward to?”

Well I have two answers! I am such an overachiever, lol!

The first thing I am

Look forward to is our Disney trip! That’s right, CDubs is going to be 5 soon, and I’ve always said I wanted him to experience magic while he is young! What better place that Disney!! At 5 he will still believe in magic just as hard as he does now at 4. Eventually, I know that love of magic will change but I really want to expose him to it when he is innocent but likely to remember that Disney is a magical place!

Connor’s Godfathers/Uncles went recently and sent him all the Pluto swag they could find! They also took a great many pictures for him! He was ecstatic!

I have a great many people in my life that are against him going at 5. Many want us to wait to 7 or 8.

I’ve never been and while yes, I do want to go, I do want him to go when he is still very much a child. Then7 year olds I know are already questioning the existence of Santa Claus and if magic is real or not. My son still believes in make believe worlds and sleep fairies and all that.

I want him to be little at the best place in the world to be little!

We have been talking about hotel, where to stay, passes, what days to go, meal plans, spending budget, gas there and back, how many days… and of course we have our savings plan to get there.

We are keeping our eyes on the prize and I cannot wait to give him that experience!

On a more selfish note, I am looking forward to my one Christmas present, a new pair of Tieks.

I decided to not buy a new pair of Tieks for my birthday (and thank goodness I did not, that hurricane was a doozy! We lost the whole fridge!). I decided that it made more sense to get them at Thanksgiving when we are more able to afford them.

My only quandary is black or bronze?

I am not prepared to make a decision as of yet. Both are around the same price give or take $20 bucks. I know that they last and that they look good on me. I just need a color… like all of them? Lol

Well those are my things to look forward to! Want to have some fun with gratitude prompts? Please check out the original image below and join me this month or the next!

Great Grandparents over for dinner! June 25, 2014

We are still in PA visiting our extended family. Part of me really wants to move here, it’s very mixed up a combination city, suburbs, and waterfront living. People seem to be very…. Unwilling to smile at strangers but, I think that’s a northern thing.

I’m going to be blunt but, I don’t think I have seen an African American person since we got here, unfortunately. I grew up in a very culturally diverse area in the south. My Elementary school was 70% African American. It’s super weird to see Caucasians everywhere (even though I am Caucasian myself). I love diversity and I want my son to experience that as well.

I love the shops, I love being by a large body of water (Lake Erie), I love that a support group of family and their friends are here.

I’ve always wanted a real family. One of those close ones where people love each other and don’t hide behind cold pretension and money (not that anyone us particularly rich, just very well off and they could never understand why we weren’t well off too.). I know Ryan’s family isn’t perfect of course but with his family, we have more chances of belonging somewhere.

I wish I could hogtie all our friends and go that route, live in the same town but, they are all over. This could be the next best thing.

There would have to be a teaching job here though. Otherwise, it’s not where God wants us to be.

It’s really hard to just give stuff up to God. It really is but, I have to trust there’s a plan. Sure there are detours but, a big overall plan. It’s comforting to trust in that. That’s just me.

I gotta get going, I am sure the Great Grandparents will be here any minute!