Sundries of Everyday Life

I live and work in what people from the United States of America call the South. It’s true, things are slower here, the days seem longer and sometimes the air is thick with crickets and cicadas singing their lazy tunes.


I am inherently southern, I keep my past tight to my chest, never forgetting where I came from, but using what tools I can from what I’ve learned to build something stronger; build something better that lasts. 

Like my marriage, to my college sweetheart, a true Northerner who loves hockey, the Penguins, and music.

Or the hope and care I give to my young son, my miracle, as I try to give him the best our world has to offer. 

Also, my path as an educator is a deep passion of mine: Preserving our Nation’s music, providing a world view of music from all over, and teaching my students that music truly brings us all together. Doing all of this while trying to encourage personal growth and supporting knowledge gained in all subject areas. Knowledge is power, after all.  

While my life is filled with these things and much more, it helps to keep my thoughts on the little things. My life seems to be full of little sundries- things that seem inconsequential at times, but they aren’t! 

We often take these sundries for granted, and we shouldn’t. You never know when a choice, idea, or sundry of your everyday life may make a change. A big change that may take you places you never dreamed… Or think things you never thought before. It’s funny how life works like that.


I can’t say I know everything, and I’ve had my share of hardships. I’ve seen and been apart of plenty of negative experiences. I’ve learned quite a lot along the way. 

I’ve also had my share of triumphs.  Seen such joys I never imagined possible. So many things have taken me to new hights of understanding and peace.


And then there are dirty diapers, being late for work, forgetting what day my school is testing… And did we pay rent?!

My life is so full, and I hope you will sit down with me today, grab a refreshing beverage, and let me tell you about my day, my ideas, hot topics on my mind, and share my experiences. 

Welcome friend to Afternoon of Sundries. Sundries of everyday life for you, without reservations.

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33 thoughts on “Sundries of Everyday Life

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    • My About page had many incarnations and lots of people helped me reach this point-
      And still not everyone likes it! I can tell you everyone suggests pictures and to take time to explain who you are. Doing that can be hard though! I will come by your about page when I get a chance and see if I can apply all of their advice towards yours! I don’t know if I can help, but I will try!

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      • I understand, I post photos of my son on here but either they are old (like in my About page, there is a 3 month pic and a 8 month I believe a and he’s 16 months now) or I use aillis app to cover parts of faves and hair… That way people see pictures but they don’t see the pictures… You know? You could also just put generic photos of Rugby, or your two wedding ring hands (I’m assuming you have rings, I hope that’s okay) or holding hands, and toys perhaps to represent kids… You know what I mean? Then it’s private still but there are safe visuals.

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      • We do have rings. ^_^
        I have posted some photos, like all 4 kids on the tramp with their Christmas T-shirts and Miss11 when she broke her ankle but they are few and far between.
        I haven’t linked my Instagram with my blog either. But I have a link to my blog on my Instagram lol

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      • Your About Page has come a long way since last July! Our Blogging friends are truly helpful with advice and positive reinforcement. If I hadn’t taken the course, there would be no photos, no funny graphics, no memes, no You Tube, etc. in my posts. I do think visuals add so much to making it more personal. Nice work! Clare

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  2. I hadn’t read your home page since we were in Blogging 101 and I love everything about this one. So positive and filled with wonderful messages and love. And of course the photos bring us right in close to your heart. I really hope every day is a truly happy one for you because no one deserves it more! Clare

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