Personal Favorites

Personal Favorites is a page dedicated to posts that talk about me or mine personally, stories fictional or non fictional, articles I wrote or commented on; really just posts I enjoyed writing.

I will continue to update this page with links to my favorite posts:

🔸What is a Sundry… and Why Does it Matter?
🔸Finding the Joy in Small Things

🔸 I Am Not the Hands

🔸A Child, Just a Child

🔸1 + 1= Fearless

🔸Inner Struggles

🔸Got (Breast)Milk?

🔸Soft Paws

🔸Wind Chimes

🔸A Clean Heart

🔸The Book of Mormon (Plus Missionaries!)

🔸Comfortable With Fear


🔸Sharp Teeth in the Dark and Other Ghost Stories


🔸Where the Light Came in

🔸Kohl Eyes

🔸What I Learned About the Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter Day Saints

🔸Invigorated Faith

🔸An Open Letter to My Childhood Best Friend

🔸Today I Was Baptized (In the LDS Faith)

🔸My Best Friend, The Rapist

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