I Sell Tupperware!


I do indeed sell the original, often copied, Tupperware!  As a child growing up we called ANY container that held food other than plastic bags (Where are my plastic bag people at!?) Tupperware.  It really isn’t though! Its durable. its way more colorful than I remember, and now they have nifty things that help make your life easier and it’s not just containers!


I started becoming interested in selling Tupperware at an online Facebook party.  It was so strange to know that the Tupperware parties of old, which would NOT fit into my dinky apartment could be held online.  I discovered throughout the week that there were many prizes and perks to being a hostess or host at a Tupperware party online!  There had to be a catch though. After pulling aside my Tupperware friend, I had to ask, “okay girl, what gives?  How much money have you invested into this thing to make it work?” She laughed at me and I discovered why Tupperware has been around so long.

tupperware_business_kitAll I needed was $99 and a drive, a drive to sell.  If I sold well in my first month, I wouldn’t even need a full $99!  You see, the starter kit with over $300 worth of Tupperware would only cost me $39 if I made my active goal of $250, then sold at my Grand Opening Party or on the side a total of $500 (this is all sales my activation goal included).  My party was a pretty good success, and I had somethings I wanted to buy because I mean, its useful and cute to boot.  Now I am oh so close to making it to my goal and, Tupperware has prizes along the way.  The best part is there is no pressure.  If I didn’t make $250 in sales, I got the kit for $99 still and there was no fee for not making it.  I didn’t have to sell.  No one was coming after me to make up the difference.

As I said though, I did hit $250 in sales.  So I am an active consultant.  I will receive, based on the items I sell, a commission.  This helps me out a lot because as a teacher, I cannot hold a second job after school is out. You see, two hours later my daycare closes and I have to be home with my son.  My husband has a second job 20 weeks of the year (not weekends) and we don’t live in a place where you can work for many retailers because there aren’t many stores.  We live in a town that used to be a factory town.  There used to be lots of things here.  Most of the factories are gone and now there are empty store fronts.


I can sell Tupperware after school.  I can throw online parties on Facebook, and I can consult you on products you need, find replacement lids or parts or if it’s no longer made, get you credits toward something new! I can help you earn free, half price, and host gifts all from my house and I can take time to take care of my son. Not only can I do all of these things, but these things benefit me.  When a party goes well, or you just need an item for your home, I receive a commission.  This commission isn’t just a few dollars to put to the side, this is money to help my family get out of debt.  This money will help us someday be able to afford a home that is ours.  That’s a serious thing.

Because you are helping me make my dreams come true, I vow to not lie to you about products.  I promise to get you sales information as soon as I receive it, so that you can get the things you need at a good price.  I want you to be happy with what I am selling you. Lies get you nowhere, and I won’t do that.

So if you’re willing, please let me be your online Tupperware Consultant.  If you want to try to throw a party or heck, even give selling it yourself a try, please let me know.  I would love to help you!

Thank you for your support!

If you would like to receive information on upcoming Tupperware sales, please follow this link to my closed Facebook Group, Making Life Easier With Tupperware! (Katherine’s VIP Tupperware Group) or the mobile friendly link to Making Life Easier With Tupperware!

35550060_10101684654976244_4010663245806305280_nIf you would like to set up an online party with me, please contact me by PMing me through the group or at my Tupperware specific email at katherine.gillespie.tuppergal@gmail.com .  If Tupperware sounds like it could be just the second job you’ve been looking for, please contact me with any details or questions!  I am happy to help!

If parties aren’t for you, but you are still interested in buying some Tupperware and you don’t mind me earning credit (Thank you so so much!) please follow this link to my Online Tupperware Store!  This store was set up by Tupperware themselves and I do not have any access to any of your information other than a name, that you purchased something and that I received credit for the sale.

If none of this seems like something you particularly care for, that’s fine!  Afternoon of Sundries is still a blog filled with short stories, personal updates, and more. If you’d like to help me out though, exposure is ALWAYS a good thing!  If you feel compelled to help me by sharing my store link or group page, please do and thank you so much!

As always, be blessed my friends and thank you for reading, and possibly shopping!