Hello Fresh! Our Family Gives Them a Try!

We had the good fortune to be able to try Hello Fresh, a subscription box service that delivers fresh, farm grown, and organic food to your door.  It is delivered in a box that will keep your meals fresh and cold until you come home and bring them inside.  It sounds good, right? As a family with two teachers in it, it really would be wonderful to not have to go to the store after work….

We received a code Via Off the Ranch a YouTube Channel run by Matt Carriker.  His family uses it to great success and we thought, “What the hey? We can be fancy people too.”

We logged onto my ancient computer and went to www.hellofresh.com and created an account.  I liked how clean the graphic were, and all the little things they added to make your meal planning easy, such as a meal calendar:

Screen Shot 2017-08-02 at 12.43.21 AM

We decided to do a family box, 4 people with only two meals a week @$70 (which is steep, but remember, at $35 a meal, that is as much as my family going to Chili’s and buying 3 meals, minus the tip)

The food looked delicious for our first week:

Screen Shot 2017-08-02 at 12.40.35 AM

I wasn’t sure though, that I could cook something like that.  However, you can preview your order’s recipes and see what’s coming to you, how long it takes to prepare and cook it,  and what you need pot and pan wise to prepare it:

We decided we couldn’t afford $70 EVERY week, so we had to set it up on a biweekly basis.  Luckily, I don’t have to remember to skip a week, I have the option to select which weeks I want to skip:

Screen Shot 2017-08-02 at 12.46.12 AM

Although those”Juicy Apple Pork Burgers,” look amazing….

I can also select from more than three meals a week, there are 4 to 7 meals to choose from, like my birthday week, we are thinking these will be oh so yummy:

Screen Shot 2017-08-02 at 12.52.34 AM

Beef Noodle Bowls?! I am in HEAVEN.

It all looks good.  The box was coming on a Monday, and we didn’t go back to work for another 3 weeks.  We would be home for delivery and access, can it stay outside in the “armpit” of our state and survive? (its just like an armpit, hot, sweaty, humid, a little smelly…)  Would everything arrive whole, or bashed up?  Would our food be fresh, would we have any missing ingredients?  Would CDubs eat it?!


As we said, we believe we want to give them another go.  They did make things right when they didn’t have to, and I feel like, they have such good quality ingredients.  That’s really hard for me to get around here.  Also knowing I have two meals coming on the week its scheduled… that can save me time after school.  However, we will see… with box two!

The cool thing is, if you want to try Hello Fresh yourself they have a sweet deal through a sharing program:

Screen Shot 2017-08-02 at 12.39.46 AM

I share this code with you folks (RYANGILL (plus a link to get there)) and there you go.  If you want to, thanks so very much!  If you don’t its all good!  No worries!

Like I asked in the video, have you every tried Hello Fresh, Blue Apron, or any of the other Food Box Subscription services?  What did you think?


Hello Fresh does know who I am. they did not pay me or compensate me in anyway to write this post.  However, if they want to buy me a box and have me do a post, I wouldn’t say no… and I promise I would tell you guys if that were the case.  But its not. oh well!

Media Monday: Vol. 5


It's time for Media Monday! If you're new to Media Monday, once a week I show you to cool media I've discovered on the internet. We all have different friends, interests and hobbies so it's possible I have discovered a gem you have missed!

This week, I'm changing it up because while I saw some pretty good content this week, nothing hit me like this video here:

I saw this video first on my dear friend Drangonflylady77's FB (here's a link to her blog).

How often I looked at myself in the mirror and said how fat I was, how round, unattractive and useless I was. How my teeth were crooked and "rat like" (not having dental appointment for 20 years can make your teeth look a bit yellow).

I remember convincing myself that if I could just lose 30 pounds I would be pretty. Pretty much every adult would say so. So I tried Weight Watchers, My Fitness Pal, Pedometers, calorie counting. weighing my food, and portion control (though admittedly, sometimes I feel the portions control me).

It took a brain tumor that wouldn't let me lose weight for me to realize I didn't like myself very much.

It took some friends leaving for me to reflect on my overall actions and habits. It took me leaving some friends to change some of my negative thoughts about myself ("Katt, don't smile this time! It's so ugly when you smile!" Right before prom I was told this!).

I had to exist with myself, and it sucked. Who wants to hang out with a voice that constantly degrades, belittles, and mocks others? Oh wait, that was my inner self talking about myself.

If this brilliant concept above, saying those same things about any of my friends… I would kick someone arse if they said these things about any of my friends at any point in my life!

So why, wouldn't I be mad at people for telling me this, or upset with myself yelling me this? Why is it okay to talk crap about myself and not others?

Well, simply because I love them so much (or loved as the case may be). I would fight to the death for all of my near and dears if need be.

But would I be willing to do them same for me?

Probably not.

Self worth is a process. It's a process that takes time. I guess I had help because for a while I wasn't sure how much time that would be. (I suppose we never know but having the knowledge of something so scary inside you can quicken that idea a bit)

I didn't have loads of people around giving me positive reinforcement everyday. I also didn't have loads of people telling me how I needed to improve my self ("Just loose 10 more pounds, it's easy!"). I had to decide for myself what I loved and hated.

Once alone, I could be honest. I am fat. I could be fatter. I could be 70 lbs lighter. Do I want to be lighter though? Or do I just want to be healthy? Do I want to agonize over ounces and calories or if I can make it up and down the stairs easily? What if I could play a game of Basketball without my inhaler? What if I could take long walks with my family?

I don't like my hair. Why do I cut it short? What if I grew it out? Styled it?

What if I just did things I was afraid to do because people kept telling me how to think so much they became my inner voice?

Do you think children, and I mean children not preteens tell themselves these things? No. Adults do. No one is born feeling inadequate. We are given this gift by others. When you are a kid being different is precious. Why does that end when we get older?

Now, I do absolutely whatever I want. I don't style my hair. I wear it a medium length. When I feel lighter and healthier, I enjoy it. If I feel heavy and big I take a nap or I read and I Love Myself.

I wear make up even though everyone I run into (not friends) tells me, "You don't need it." Well maybe not, but I do enjoy it. So why not do it?

I enjoy cake.

I enjoy flax seeds.

I love being plus sized and wearing dresses.

I don't really care if my thighs touch, I wear shorts.

I love the vegitarian option more often than not.

I love myself even though I'm larger than the average woman my age.

I am worthwhile. I am beautiful.

And so are you! Change your inner voice. Don't wait until the doctors go all doom and gloom on you. Look in the mirror. You like something about you. Enhance it. Bring it out. Make it bold. Then start looking for other things.

I have a nicely rounded arse. I do damn it. Just because it's a whooping 65 inches doesn't make it less delightful. (It makes it more so 😉)

I have cellulite. You know what goes well with cellulite? Experience. A good life. Standing for 12 hours a day. Cellulite is a badge of honor man.

Someday, someday I might choose to do something "about my body." I might get surgery. I might get lipo. I might become a health nut. And I might not. It really might not , No, it really does not matter!

You might you might not and it Does.👏🏼 Not.👏🏼 Matter.👏🏼

In the end, generally, when you die you don't take people with you. It's you. And truly it is all about you. So love you. Love you like you love the other precious people in your life, because you are precious and you should be precious to you too.


Enjoy your week my friends, you are handsome, beautiful, amazing people and I claim the lot of you! Go forth and spread the love in any manner you choose! (I don't judge! I also don't need explicit details 😉)

Media Monday Vol. 4

Oh what is this?! It's MEDIA MONDAY! It's back again! Here are the cool things I've discovered online this week, I hope you enjoy them!

If you have something fun to share, leave it in the comments below and I'll feature it, and your blog next week on Media Monday!

(Edit: I am unsure why suddenly, this week, my videos are not embedding in my post correctly. I have followed all the links and they are safe, but I'd rather have the videos in my post. I will see if it can be fixed. Sorry for the inconvenience!)

What Does Sound Look Like?


"Mommy, I love you!" (Pretty sure what this means)


This Kid is My Favorite- Dancing

When That Song Hits

Brian Hull is the Best

Love Darts (language advisory)

I took this from Bree's FB. Here's a link to her Erotica Blog!

Millennials the Musical

Oh Adam Ellis …

(Cinderella 1950)

(Smell Like a Man)

You should really follow him! He's so funny! His Facebook twitter @moby_dickhead and Instagram because he genuinely makes me lol

James Breakwell's Children Are Pretty Hysterical

And of course:

So Excited!!!

Well that's all for this Media Monday! I hope you all enjoy your week!!

The Colors of Man 


This is an image that was floating around on my newsfeed today. When I first saw it, it made me angry. I was angry because I have never done any of these things. I have never been in favor of slavery, I have never decided that any people of color are any sort of way. Why is it always all white people?  Why do I get painted by this brush just because I am a few shades pale of the undead? I have never done anything to intentionally be racist or support racism in my life.

I have however, judged people based on their differences before. While it never had anything to do with anyone’s skin color, I nevertheless judged their choices.  Or perhaps I should be clear, I judged what I perceived as choices that I believed that they had made.

I never really grew up with a lot of radical or different sort of people. Yes there were people of color in my childhood, but we didn’t treat each other any differently because of that, as far as I know.

What we did was judge people on their choices. Their branch of Christianity, the way that they dressed, how they lived, their grades, who they hang out with, and what they want to be when they grow up, your sexual orientation… all of these things. Heaven for bid if you didn’t have a branch of Christianity for us to judge. Or that you were in love with your best friend who was of the same sex. Or that you were friends with multiple crowds of people (Goths and Cheerleaders together? Who are you?!).

Almost all of that though, was not a true choice that any of these people made. You didn’t choose what your religion was when you’re a child, it was whatever your parents did or did not teach you. You do not choose, in my opinion, your sexuality. Your sexuality is whatever is presented in your mind by your specific brain, body, soul, being chemistry. Most of the time I didn’t even choose my friends, they were the people who were willing to talk to me when the others would not.

And in class, we learned history from the victors point of view. We talked about the Native Americans suffering in our country during Colonization, but we never talked about how The Country, our country, backed out on promises and treaties.

We never talked about anything as something that was presently occurring, only as something that had been in the past and dealt with. Ended. No More.

I suppose it was very idyllic for everyone.

But in the recent years, I’ve been thinking about how things were quite black-and-white. For instance, when I entered school and they started classifying our races, my parents asked the school what I should be classified as. The school replied that I looked white, so I should put down I was Caucasian. The problem became a few years later, when my sister was born, what she was because she did not look Caucasian. Because I had been told to put down Caucasian,  and we had/have the same parents, she also had to put down Caucasian.

Was that right? I really don’t know.

But that was the sort of place we lived in, and that’s how things had to be.

It was only recently that I discovered that things were not as I had been taught. And at first I was very angry. I was angry that no one told me, I was angry that someone had to tell me, and I was angry because I was ignorant. I was also angry that it was somehow my fault for things I never had control of.

Later, I became sad. Sad that so much of my cultural identity was based on untruths. Thanksgiving is a lie. (No, the sentiments are real. Yes, we should celebrate togetherness.) There were concentration camps on American soil. My grandfather left tribal lands for reasons that should not have happened. Our country can just decide to break treaties with the original inhabitants of our country. I was sad because I realized that a lot of people who look like me did bad things and because they did bad things it was assumed by a lot of people that I must have to. That this evil was in my DNA.  It did not matter that I am only the third generation of my family to live in this country. That my ancestors came over in the 1920s (and became Naturalized in the late 1950’s). The ancestors that did not come over in the 1920s are a part of the original habitants of this continent. As for my mother’s side of the family, as far as I know, they’ve always been too poor to have owned anyone. I do not know if any of my ancestors were racially motivated to behave in any sort of way, or who fought for what side when.

I do know that my father was taught to hand back money to cashiers using both hands as to show that he was not holding a weapon. I understand his father, who was raised on a reservation, taught him this. I was also taught this, even though this is never been something I have ever had to worry about. Other than this, no other struggles were told to me. We did not discuss life prior to the Korean War. For many reasons. (That’s neither here nor there)

After I felt sad about what happened in our country’s past, I became worried. How can I make sure that my son, being a white male, grows up in this country valuing all lives as he values his own?  How can we still celebrate all of these things that are within our cultural identity- Thanksgiving, Fourth of July, the institution of our government and presidential choices, many past presidents who were also honestly horrible people? The people who created our country murdered millions of people. They stole from millions of people. We only have the things we have today because of horrible atrocities. Sure, yes there were good and honest folk and I am not trying to down play the good honest folk that lived here. Yes indeed even bad people do good things. Yes, I cannot possibly comprehend the stresses of the time. But those good honest folk bought land that wasn’t theirs to buy. This is true, no matter how I do or do not feel about it. It is done.

It’s not like we can just all leave and give it back and everything will be OK.  It just doesn’t work like that. That wouldn’t really solve anything (except the Pipeline, but again, another post).

So how do I teach my son to be a white male in our country?

The only thing I can think of is to teach him that every single person’s life is worth as much as his own.  This is going to be extremely hard concept.  This is going to be extremely hard concept even to myself, because I am so afraid of dying. I don’t think I am worth more than someone else, but I’m also not so sure that I could just jump in front of a bullet or push them out-of-the-way of a speeding vehicle.

I think that’s the part that wounds my sensibilities the most; I am not as selfless as I should be. I am not as worthy a person as I should be. I am certainly not as amazing, deserving, and long-suffering as all of the people in the past that deserve to have lived an equal life.

And yet here I am, raising a white male.

I am now at the point, where I feel guilty. Guilty that I do not do more. The only problem is, I’m not sure what I can do. I know that I am classified as a part of the “We,” purely by accident of birth.

I know a lot of people feel like they’re being told they should be ashamed of their roots. A lot of people I know, who are of the white middle-class, feel like they’re being told that because they are Caucasian that they have done something wrong. That they have done something wrong and they should not celebrate their heritage. They feel like they’re being told that the way they think and they feel is not important because it’s wrong. But this is not what I think the goal is. I don’t think that thinking black lives matter means that white lives matter less. And I think a lot of the people I know, this is what they believe: that they should feel shame over their cultural heritage.

Even though I hope I have never displayed any actions that support any of the things accused in the graphic above, I cannot say that I am doing anything to change the conversation. To add another section that says “now in we are at a point in our history that it has really become OUR history, because every voice matters, because every life is equal, because we all understand that no one is above anyone else, and judgment is something that we should not go dole out based on things we could not have possibly chosen for ourselves.”

I am simply not sure what to do, all I am is aware.  I am aware, and I am listening. I am aware, and I am posting, and reading, and talking about, and trying to understand. And I am wrong most of the time, and I do not always understand. I most likly piss off a great deal of people. Most often, I misunderstand. I understand it’s not all about me and for me. But I am aware. I want to have dialogs with all sorts of different people, not so that they can tell me how to think.  Not so I can shame them or shame myself. Not so I can feel better about my privilege. That privilege is there whether I want to be or not, simply because of the color of my skin.

But again, we cannot help to what we were born.  The only thing we can help is how we live. So I will keep trying to understand and raise a good man.

If I have offended anyone, this was not my intention. I truly would love to have a conversation about this, so that I can understand your point of view and so that I can do better for my son. One of my goals is to leave this world better than I found it.  I don’t have to do something grand, I don’t have to change the world. But I do understand you can change my world so that I may make decisions in my own life that will affect others. It would be better if I make an educated influence instead of a bumbling misinformed one.

Media Monday Vol. 3

Oooo I forgot last week's Media Monday! I have lots to make up for it!

Beautiful Artwork

A quick overview:


The artist's process/explanation (long)


If you have seen Guardian's of the Galaxy, then you have seen his work before.  The shifty merchant trader on the planet Xandar has these beautiful pieces all over his shop.  Its not hard to see why.

Funny Things

Teacher appreciation


A Bible verse for EVERYTHING



Swear Like a Mother



Fidget Spinners



Ironman what have they done to thee?



Cartoons that made me snort in a most unladylike fashion



(Adam Ellis)

(And now you know what she's up to- Adam Ellis- check out the FB link and the comments for a funny 6th frame!)


I like my men extra crispy… lol

Save the Planet!



And finally, I hope if this happens at my concert tomorrow night, I do this:




Or that my bass drummers don't do this:


I have a particular child in mind… please don't…


lol I hope you enjoyed my Media Mondays Post! Do you have any media that tickled your funny bone or made you think? Let me know in the comments below! Thank you for reading! 🙇🏻‍♀️

Media Mondays Vol. 2

It's time for Media Mondays on AoS!

First a big thank you to VisionsofSolitude for participating and sharing this gem:

Gosh, my house is SO equal. Lol! Thanks for sharing!

Lighthearted and Funny

Brain Hull Breaks Tiana- impersonations



James Breakwell @XplodingUnicorn 's twitter has me cackling like an idiot:

Mike Rowe is not only a secret (well not anymore) man crush, but completely hysterical whenever he reads his equally hysterical mother's letters:



Wicked Talented Folks (I find them relaxing!)

Mei Yu is an amazing artist!



Banana Jamana is also unreal!



You've probably seen this but Pentatonix and Todrick Hall's Wizard of Ahhs



Inspirational videos

Don't let others project their fears on you- Taraji Henson


Ohhhh the Comics

(Next 4 are tonedeafcomics.com)





(And the halrious Adam Ellis)


Manga for Dayyyyys

I have rediscovered my love for manga in these bite sized chapters on Webtoon

It has a good selection of genres, artistic styles, and interesting topics. Most series (if not already completed) update weekly and some feature original music by some talented musicians (not usually by the writers or illustrators, there seems to be a lot of collaboration going on, love it!) Check out Webtoons if you're hankering for something good to read! (You can see some of my picks in the photo. Yup…)
That's it for this week's Media Mondays! I hoped you enjoyed this week's offerings! Do you have any media you enjoyed this past week? Please share below and stay happy folks!

Media Mondays


I'm scrolling through Facebook on a nightly basis, and I find these gems – videos, snaps, photos, comics, etc. – that I just love. A lot of the time I just share them on my fb page and hope someone out there thinks it's cool too.

However, not everyone has time to watch videos or browse though the news feed. Not everyone has friends with the same taste either, so I thought, what the hey, bloggers can always use some fun! (We really can!) Why not try to share some of the enjoyable content I come across with others?

I just like to be entertained and I feel like others do too. So here are some media choices I've discovered over the past week that I've enjoyed and I hope you will too!

Seriously Good Music 

The Prayer Cover by Marcelito Pomoy

Rocking Nuns: Siervas

Voice Play: Phantom of The Opera



🤣 Videos


(This gives me life)

Mom Shorts

Push Up Diet

Colorado Symphony Lead by T-Rex






Adam Ellis 

Everything he does is relatable and hilarious.

Website: http://www.booksofadam.com/?m=1
Instagram: http://instagram.com/adamtots

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/buzzfeedadam/





1010! (Link is to the Apple Store) I blame Eloise. Stack blocks for hours and never win. Completely addicting.

Ghost Town Adventures: Mystery Story Addictive Game by LLC "Webgames" (won't link) Old school video game graphics, easy concept you clean up after hoarders,  undead hoarders (ghosts), battle other ghosts that seem to want to keep you from cleaning and you swish at stuff with your magic wand. Seriously, it's cute.

We Read Too is an app that gives a reader a diverse selection of books to read, written by authors of color about people of color.
I hope you enjoyed at least one thing on here today, that it made your day brighter? and that I can continue to curate more and better content next week!

Do you have any media you would love to share? Please link it below or post your own take on Media Mondays! Whatever you do, have a wonderful week!