I am a married, mother of one, music educator who has a lot on my plate (who doesn't?). At the moment, my life seems to be full of little sundries- things that seem inconsequential at times, but they aren't! All these little events are slowly but surely turning into one big, beautiful life! Please sit down with me today, grab a coffee or tea and let me tell you about my days, my ideas, hot topics in my mind, and my experiences. The topics will vary and the news will never be, in my opinion, boring!

I do Enjoy the Rain

I adore rain, I love a good thunderstorm too. However, rainy sayings that apply to my life such as the apt “it never rains but it pours.” Then I dislike rain intently. I am rarely religious in public, may people have… Questioned my authenticity, I suppose. With all the challenges my life brings, I feel […]