About This Blog


Well hello!  Welcome to my blog, Afternoon of Sundries. A sundry is an unimportant item, generally of little value.  Our lives seem to be filled with those: moments, things that do not seem to matter at all.

That’s not true though, is it?  These little events, buying a new dress, taking the bus home instead of driving, skipping lunch: these things have a larger impact than we usually realize.  There really isn’t anything in this world of little consequence.

Though my blog seems to be one among a sundry of other blogs; I  hope together we can collect these little moments and watch the unimportant spark into the important.

Please, welcome, and stay awhile. I’d love to talk to you.

Things I discuss on AoS (Afternoon of Sundries) :

  • Fiction, Fantasy, and Facts (and my love of the Oxford Comma): These posts are mainly short stories (fictional or nonfictional)

  • Family: I write about my family or personal experiences

  • Faith: I am exploring the Word of God and the Gospel (and no, I don’t have any pamphlets, but I am happy to talk if you are interested)

  • Beauty: I had to learn about what self-worth is, and then self-care. I share my findings and beauty products I love.

  • Reflections: This can be about anything that causes me to reflect. (I welcome all thoughtful advice and suggestions!)

  • Teaching Experiences: I talk about problems or joys I face because I am an educator (Children are truly the oddest people)

  • Technology is my Friend: I grew up with only a TV and a Telephone. Everyone else had the internet.  Goodness, I love gadgets, apps, and technology! I love sharing my finds!

  • Thankful and Grateful: I share blessings and stories about wonderful people who have touched my life.

  • Uncategorized: What can I say? life can be so peculiar that it cannot be labeled and boxed away neatly.  These sorts of stories and posts end up here.


  1. Anindya

    Beautiful blog and lovely About the Author page, Catharine :)…..yes, all the sundries of our daily life experiences must be shared and recorded to be our best scrapbook for ages to come…….and I have my personal blog to where I share my take and personal views on many things that interests me, and thanks a lot for stopping by and following me…:)…..hope we will connect more….:)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. afternoonofsundries

      I’m aftaid I’m from the Southern United States, we ma’am and sir people to death. I assure you it’s a sign of respect! From now on though, I will totally respect your wishes and leave the “sir” and adress you as Anindya as asked!


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