Clockworks: Chapter 1

Clockworks: Prologue

She awoke cold in a room all white and sterile. The table, floors, walls held not a speck of dirt or debris. She was held in a standing position in some sort of vessel, and she couldn’t remember… what she was not sure of, but certainly there should be memories, other thoughts than the place that she was in was too bright. The loss of something pierced her heart but she didn’t understand why.

Or what.

She couldn’t move and panic seeped in, where was she?

The doors opened and two individuals dressed all in white entered followed by a person dressed in a mustard yellow coat that fell to their knees, a sort of lab coat, with a great many pockets bulging with bits and bobs, wires and gears, tools and papers. Underneath the coat a person of an indescribable size (thanks to the walking horde) walked briskly, their legs peeking out below a black skirt and the coat. Dark hair fell in waves to their chest and clear glasses sat on their face like they had the eyes of an overly large fly. Multiple lenses were fanned out at their temples.

This creature walked towards the captive, a woman (though certainly she did not know this yet) and signaled to the two others to unlock and open the vessel. Removing the restraints faster than the captive could have prepared for, the woman pitched forward and crumpled towards the ground. Obviously this was the norm because the two caught her on her descent, took her to the table, and laid her out.

The captive was boneless, and unlike the three others in the room her skin was bare. Looking into the eyes of the young woman on the table, the person in the yellow sighed and then spoke.

“I’m afraid you took longer to finish 0222014X. It is to be expected as we had to alter your frame quite a bit. It is disappointing that you won’t be training with the latest batch, but not to worry! We’ll have you ready for your buyer!”

Confusion clouded the captive woman’s face and the person in yellow chuckled deeply, “Excellent muscular response 0222014X! Now all I have to do is test the rest of your reflexes. Release the block and let us begin!”

Following her orders the men touched her neck where a device lay. Suddenly a fire roared through her limbs to her core and she cried out with sensation.

The person in yellow brought up both of their hands and placed them on either shoulder of the captive woman. Blue light flowed from Yellow-Coat’s palms instilling calm and cool relief. Then the testing began.

On the table the captive woman was poked and tapped, hooked up to things and shocked all in the name of testing. Once every bit of her was tested and invaded, Yellow-Coat restored the block, and left the captive while the two scrubbed her down.

Still unable to move the two discussed in intimate detail how she looked, how her body had been broken and changed- reduced to look younger, more waif life, perfect for domestic service or sex work. They joked she would be a perfect Lolita with her customizations: small breasts, slightly curved hips, long jet black hair. They said they kept her face, it was the best part of her, after whatever the accident had been. She was beautiful, possibly the best yet, and they were sure someone one would enjoy her soon.

Cold, bracing splashes of water struck her body and then towels buffed every inch of her. Once dry they applied lotion to her body, oil to her hair, and trimmed and buffed and filed her nails. The two stretched and deposited their supplies in bins by the door and hit something signaling a tinkling sound throughout the room and hallway.

Two women entered and one greeted her warmly. Very slowly she told her that they would be dressing her and taking her for re-education. They warned her to not be alarmed and they released the block once more.

A mad tingling surged through her body once again and she jerked up off of the metal table, the women gasped and one shrieked in fright. 0222014X continued to convulse as the woman who seemed to be more experienced ran to a table and grabbed a metal rod. The second the wand hit her temple, the world went black.

It was bright once again when 0222014X woke up. Voices were murmuring over her prone form. Her vision, refused to clear and she couldn’t move or blink but she could hear.

“She missed her buyer. Luckily, there was another one younger looking and just as svelte. Could have lost a lot from that sale. But because of that she can be offered to your department at a discount, anything for our government.” The voice chirped out and there was movement. Shadows filtered over her head and air surrounded her as sheet covered her body.

A gruff, cracked voice splintered out next, “Indeed. Well, after you have re-educated it send it to our department. Add the modules for language, police academy modules 1-9, and don’t install the sex modules. It maybe going undercover but we don’t need to deal with what happened last time. It would have been better if you all had mentioned in the specs that program came standard before purchase with the last one. Cog slept with half the fucking force in a month. It can be bait without all that shit rolling around in its wires. But keep the basic alteration package: shifting hair color and length, shifting skin tones and that auto make up mess. She looks kind of Asian. Will that be too obvious with the shifting?”

“No sir, she may look multiracial but who doesn’t nowadays? “She can be a new woman every night,” at least that’s our slogan for this particular package!

Is there anything else I should add? A preferred voice? I can make her sing like lounge singer, could be very good for undercover work-” the chirpy voice offered, looking to up the price of the sale.

“Damn thing costs enough as it is. Those eyes are fucking weird though, are they original to the form?” The gruff voice asked, sounding displeased.

“Oh yes, quite the bargain in that one. Most of our colors look synthetic. Eyes just don’t last, but she got into cryo quickly and we could save those beautiful peepers! She’ll look more realistic that way and less like a Clockworks. Unless that’s your goal, we’d be happy to install a color changing program for another 4 thousand-” the voice chirped happily, but was cut off again by the gruff voice and a quick moving shadow.

“No just leave it. Where do I sign?” The voices softened as they moved away from her.

“Here and here. Oh, would you like to name her? If not we have a name generator that could…”

“A Cog is a cog, you name it, I’m just here to make sure everything is up to speck, and there are no surprises this time. Make sure to send it dressed in uniform, rookie level one, none of that weird crap like last time.” The gruff voice said with authority.

“She’ll be ready in a week sir, after the re-education and package testing. Thank you for doing business with us!” The chirpy voice cheered out.

Doors closed and footsteps retreated. Something rolled next to the table and a cough sounded from inside the room. The two from before lifted her onto another softer table and it began to move.

“So you’re going to be an officer now, huh? Seems almost cruel with her size. She’ll be smashed up as soon as they let her go.” One of the two said from above her head, lights flashed overhead as she was moved.

 Another voice, still one of the two, spoke from below at her feet, “Yeah but that’s okay, we will just put her back together. We always do. Besides who would expect this little thing to be an officer? They are thinking up there at the top. That was the commissioner you know.”

They hit some double doors and once again she was moved onto a table and a familiar voice, Yellow-Coat’s, told the two to get her seated and hooked up.

Wires met ports in her scalp, behind her neck at the top of her spine, and finally one at the small of her back. Sounds of clicking and the lights dimmed as sounds filled not only the air but her very bones.

“Time to sleep lovely, do us proud,” Yellow-Coat said and everything went black.

Chapter Two

Clockworks: Chapter Two



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