If We Were Having Drinks: Back to School Edition 2019

Well hello! Can I tell you things have been off the chain? Let’s have a coca (I made it for everyone this year as a present!) and chat!

If we were having drinks I’d have to invite you over to my place. Being out in public is taxing right now because I feel my best in a sports bra. I also happen to look crazy uniboobed in a sport bra and my clothes don’t fit as well. My right breast is still hurting it’s been 3 weeks. I am not so sure if this course if antibiotics is really working. The binding/compressing my chest is the only way I sleep comfortably at night. I live for the times I put a heating pad on my chest. All of these seem to point to infection (compressions and heat) but the pills no longer make me feel better when I take a new dose and the Aleve is a joke. The pain is more near the surface and all I want to do is come home, make dinner and lay down with a heating pad. It’s…. discouraging. Next Thursday I have a follow up at the breast imaging center and I’ll be telling them all about this. Could it be a nerve condition? It doesn’t sound like Lupus, or breast cancer, or anything diagnosable that I’ve heard of… I would just like to not ruin my liver, or kidneys, and also not hurt.

I’ve also been feeling very low energy, which also points towards something infection like or sickness related. My house was truly looking good and then the medicines stopped working and now, like I said I just lay around after dinner falling asleep. I’m trying to use my energy this weekend for catching up a little and of course, progress reports are due Monday so I’m getting those updated!

My Tupperware business is going well… I appreciate that I can help people solve their problems in their kitchens! I am not like the people you see at the end of the Tupperware magazines with legions of Consultants following me, selling $5,000 or more a month…. no l, I doing a very modest job and I am enjoying it too. I think if I were one of those consultants (I mentioned) it might take the fun out of it. All of those responsibilities on top of being an educator would be very hard for me. I am lucky, and blessed I do all the business that I do, even if I had no sales in December! If I could ask for one thing, it would be to have a Tupperware party or two in Jan or Feb. that would be fun! I might do one myself just because, maybe another mystery host party! We will see!

CDubs is doing pretty well, the dinosaur craze is continuing. I convinced him to clean up in the living room tonight like an oviraptor would, it was funny and we actually got thing clean.

My son has watched the movie My Neighbour Totoro every night this past week. I think I am tasing a Miyazaki fan! He plans to leave the kernels from the popcorn we ate outside to see if Totoro will leave him some acorns. I have to find me some acorns in the pitch dark night tonight or all is lost!

That’s about it, we had a very short drink break this week!

I hope everyone has a good week, we will have to talk soon, I have to go put my little Totoro to bed!!


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