Welcome 2019!

Well its another year! Gosh, a lot has happened but at the same time… it feels like everything is the same! How strange is that?!

I mean, my husband has a new job that he enjoys (hurray!!!) now, which he got halfway through 2018. While his mood at home had improved some, it’s still not where it needs to be. (I’m my opinion he can still be gruff and rude and very defensive when it is not warranted- and I understand to him it feels warranted but that’s a discussion for another day)

(You know it’s true, just hush you!)

I am working on improving our home life. I have been cleaning like a madwoman since November’s end and that was hard to do in between the gigs!

I have managed to not isolate myself and enjoy friends. I have not just gazed hopelessness at the piles of laundry. I’ve also been watching reruns of Hoarders to motivate myself, lol.

I grew up in a hoarding situation. It was… absolute shit. Sorry but it was. My house is NOTHING like what I grew up in. I know that. I also know we are bursting out of a “house,” that was meant for two people not 3. We live pretty well but after a major holiday you know there are many new things in my home and I have to fiddle to make them fit and covertly donate things when they don’t (my son does not like loosing toys!).

I feel like once a month I remove at least 1 bag to donate, and have 3 major trash days where I go diving into a closet, or a cabinet, or a dresser to uncover something we hid away to fix and never did, clothes from college or worse, high school or baby toys that have hung on because… it would have been nice to have 2.

Speaking of, my friend L (meet L) is having a baby!!

So we packed up two large totes of baby clothes (she picked them out), our crib, changing table, and bouncers and the like and took them to her beautiful home! She is due in Feb 2019 (of course) and I am so excited I got to help her prepare!! Another way I am beating the clutter but lending large items. When did this become about clutter, lol!?

Of course you remember Ry and I, and subsequently CDubs, are now on a new diet…

And that is going as well as can be expected during the holiday season. It’s done now (the season not the diet), and we have salad fixings in the fridge, pocket pitas for sandwiches with turkey and vegan cheese (lactose intolerant apparently) and vegan mayo (I am allergic to eggs). The last of the chips are being happily ate by our son and carrot sticks with no more than 2TBSP of ranch is the new snack food.

I’ve never been able to figure out breakfast due to the egg allergy, but now I really have to figure it out for my peeps so that’s on my to do list. Low carb spaghetti last night was…. not as tasty as the real thing. It just wasn’t. But low carb spaghetti doesn’t suck, even with almond derived cheese (yes you read that right).

My Italian ancestors are in the grave just a rolling at this point.

I’ve managed to get my Primary Music Leader binder made and finished just after midnight last night:

(this is just the cover)

And I even awoke to a fan girl like surprise from the owner/maker of the app I use to make a lot of my blogging graphics, Primary Games, and of course my Chorister/Music Leader stuff (look for the like heart ❤️):


Now, I organize the craft supplies, throw out the useless and attack my closet and personal dresser drawers. I promised the men a lazy day, but I didn’t promise one for me!

Tomorrow I work a teacher workday. Thursday I see a breast specialist, to see why only my right breast, with no lump or lesions hurts. I admit, it’s down to a 2 or 3 when it hurts (which is not as much as it used to. And the swelling is gone). I am out of antibiotics and I can only hope it was a strange infection on one could see but could feel the heat of… it’s safer though, to go, get poked and be 100% sure that it’s nothing completely off the wall.


So I have had a pretty eventful end of the year (I’d day all the exciting stuff happened at the end of 2018). I can only hope this positive trend continues into 2019!

Thank you for coming by and reading g a very rambling post today!

Enjoy your New Years!!

(New Years new Bitmoji look 😊)

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