Holiday Beverage Share: We Made Merry!

Hello everyone! I hope you are all having a good day! No, a splendid day filled with happy events and meetings!

We’ve been good, very very busy though! I finally finished professional obligations on the 19th with my last musical performance on the 16th. The very last thing we did was the Christmas play with the Baptist’s and it went very well:

He left that and the Primary Program in good spirits. I think the Primary Program went well. We had a girl I haven’t seen in months show up, and she did her best. I’d like to think we provided all the tools to help her succeed- all the words were printed out and until her father got sick, she was a regular church goer so I bet the songs weren’t new to her. Though it was stressful, the date moved a couple times, the hurricanes disrupted many things and it had to be at my busiest time of year, I really think it went well. CDubs was happy:

As for Christmas itself, we kind of moseyed towards it. It was like, “yes, we do have Christmas on a Tuesday. Oh look, it’s Sunday night.”

But we were still plenty busy. I was so busy I forgot to give CDubs’ teachers their gift. I just thought I had one more day and I did not!

We saw my parents earlier than planned. They decided they weren’t coming down to see us. They asked us if we would spend a day going up to see them instead, and do a Christmas at their home. That was fine, it was just an unexpected schedule change.

My mom’s hoarding has gone down a lot. There are still scary areas…. like the stack of boxes in a 4X4 area stacked to the ceiling. The ceiling. All are taken apart, but just stacked flat. We offered to come help but I’ve never heard back on that subject. We will see, perhaps it will take more time to accept the offer of help.

We also had Ryan’s parents over for a good 12ish hours or so. We opened presents from them and family up north. You know, NO ONE has to get me gifts. I’m the interloper as it were. I know that I’ve disrupted the way of things, especially for holidays, quite a bit. Everyone is very welcoming anyway. It’s not lost on me that I am an extra person to buy for. I hope they know they don’t have too, but I am thankful and appreciative of all that they do!

Christmas Eve was fun, we did a PJ Party (“Not Pajama Party, Mommy, PJ party!”) all day. We made a gingerbread train (we failed pretty badly), watched movies, at candy, had fun meals and just were together:

Then of course North left with Santa and South helped pull his sleigh. South came back:

See all that snow on his back?

And my son opened ALL THE GIFTS:

And ate all the candy.

He also discovered Home Alone and Home Alone II and laughed quite a bit at the traps little McCallister set for the, “bad bandits.”

It was a low key Christmas that was truly needed. It’s been, “Go! Go! Go!” lately and my family seems to not do fast paced as well. It was nice to slow down and be together!

The Hubs and I have found a doctor we like and have had all sorts of tests done on our blood. While his results are his to tell, I have been asked to adapt my diet to what they asked him to eat. So I will be going on a low carb, low fat, no sugar diet.

My tests came back pretty awesome. Okay I say that because I thought I would be pre diabetic or have super high cholesterol or something of that sort. However science has discovered that I am just…. fat. Like my body is pretty happy being this big. The only thing that was worrying was my platelet count was high. They will monitor me and see if it’s my birth control. Everything else was below the standard cap, which is why I should change my diet so I can keep it that way!

Oh! And I did have another thing over the cap, by 23 units, is my cholesterol level. That though, again, can be controlled through this diet we are on.

This is also good for CDubs because he will grow up with lots of leafy greens and low sugar and all that. So that’s nice.

If you’ve been on Instagram and seen my recent posts you would know that I have felt pain in my right breast. It’s been pretty painful out of 10 it was a steady 8 for days. Then it went down to a 6, then a four for a bit. The doctor sent me to get a mammogram which came back clear, I got to see the scan myself. I know it sounds strange but I look at my brain tumor all the time at those appointments so I know what a bump or lump looks like on these strange black and gray scans. So when I saw it I thought at least I didn’t see a tumor. I was happy to find that was the case when the actual professional read it! I know there are subtleties that I couldn’t even fathom to the readings of these scans. I do, and even if I had been wrong in that moment it comforted me while I waited half naked in a ridiculous top that covered NOTHING.

So I called my doc and ended up with a bacterial antibiotic and I admit… it felt very sugar pill placebo at first. But slowly I have felt a change in my pain and the feel of that breast. It’s not hotter than the other anymore (at least not noticeably so), it’s not swollen almost over my cup size (that was uncomfortable to say in the least). But this week it has slowly gone down in size and though I wake up in pain, after I take the antibiotic and the Aleve I feel better. Then again it could be the Aleve.

My doctor will still want me to go to a specialist I am sure cause this whole thing has been a bazaar experience. Whatever this infection is, it’s not behaving as one would expect.

Now we our way to a fun event for Connor mostly, I am excited to see any sort of show in general but we are going to a Pirate Ship show with a dinner so it should be a tasty good time!

I hope you all have had wonderful weeks, and of you had a holiday recently that it was jolly and full of people that love you! Enjoy your week and I hope to talk to you all again soon!


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