Weekend Beverage Share: Christmas is Coming!

Hey-o friends! I hope everyone is doing well! I’ve been a busy bee lately, musicians are ever working during the holiday season. I don’t have any paying gigs this year, which is fine, I love to get paid but I figure I will be getting my blessings in other ways! I wouldn’t say no to one (a paying gig) though!

I sang in town last Sunday at the local Methodist church because we got rained out of our venue. So we had a repeat performance this Thursday. (See above)

Tuesday we had our annual Christmas concert at the school… except it was in the gym. The auditorium is CONDEMNED thanks to 2 hurricanes and an impressive amount of damage from a leak in the roof. The smell of the mold will knock you on your butt. The holes in the walls and the plaster drooping and the chunks everywhere is just…. sad. We won’t be making music there…. for years. So we bought the biggest tarp I’ve ever seen, large enough to fit 65 kids at a time and the chairs spaced comfortably and all of the percussion including big drums and xylophones and the like. There was even space left over. It was insane.

The kids, did their best! That’s the important thing. There was severe phasing issues and we couldn’t practice in the gym until the night of because of gym classes. They tried to listen to others for when to come in, but in a gym you can’t trust your ears, the echos are too severe. You HAVE to watch the conductor and count. That can be hard for kids to do. I am very proud of them for sticking it out and not freaking out.

Today I had a Cantata practice at a local baptist church, and it was off the chain! If you clicked on my stories on Instagram you would hear a short snippet! I have it saved in the “Highlights” area on my profile (@afternoonofsundries). They sounded amazing today but I am literally next to the percussion:

So I am planning to plug that ear with my earplugs tomorrow. I can’t hear anything anyway on that side. They cymbal is killer.

Tomorrow we run to church and grab sacrament and exit at the end of first hour. Then we rush to the baptist church and I warm up and sing with the choir.

Next week I have labs with my new GP. I am hoping things work out and I do not have diabetes or high cholesterol or a vitamin D deficiency or what have you. It’s bad enough I’m wearing compression socks. I don’t need anything tougher than my eye disease and brain tumor thank you!

Then next week I have a party or two, a rehearsal for our Primary Program and a rehearsal for a Christmas play and then on Sunday both the program and play. This is on top of teaching and after school 21st century classes that I will be teaching until 5:30PM.

So…. I am tired. My house looks like a clothing and dishes bomb went off and there were no survivors. I mean I’m wear two or three outfits a day, it’s like costume changes, lol. I’m wearing sequins to school so I only have to change once, or a full face of make up (I’m talking layers and shading and the works) so I have one less bag to carry!

I’m doing my best though. I can wait until my labs Wednesday. I’m serious. Stab me with needles and have me pee in a cup but at least I have hours at my house afterwards!

Lol I miss everyone I interact with online, and I hope you all are doing well! Keep me posted, drop a link below to one of your update posts so I know how your life is going too! Maybe I can read I between classes? Much love!

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