Thankful and Grateful: Traditions

Hello! Today’s topic is “What a tradition you are thankful for?”

I can’t say, growing up that there were many traditions. I don’t think my parents operated that way. We could expect things like at Christmas we would decorate a tree together, if we had a tree that year. Or we would get a stocking with mixed nuts and oranges… if there were stockings that year. There were a lot of “ifs” in my childhood because we grew up poor. It happens.

Now that I am older, and married to a man that HAS traditions (I mean **HAS** them), I’ve enjoyed having them too.

I think the favorite traditions revolve around Christmas though. We love to over tip at Christmas, we try to eat as a family at home, but when we do go out, Waffle House (not fancy) or McDuff’s (fancy) we round, if the 20% tip is $5 we round to $10. If they were exceptionally sweet we may do a little more.

We decorate the tree together and we purchase Hallmark (they HAVE to be Hallmark) ornaments every year. Then we wrap those ornaments to open on Christmas. This one is fun, I am collecting the 12 days of Christmas series, they are birds!

Then we make cookies:

And frost them!

We also participate in holiday events as musicians and a few are annual without fail events and CDubs enjoys those too:

We decorate all over together as well, and wax melts with balsam is a favorite.

We send cards with photos, and sometimes we are able to get specific sizes and sometimes… we fail real hard and mess them up or forget to put them in the card all together (Sorry Aunt B). We try though, to send cards and do things right!

We do Elf in the Shelf and the reindeer thing too.

Overall, Christmas and Halloween are my favorite holidays but Christmas has way more traditions. I rather enjoy the holiday season!

This month I am trying, TRYING to answer these prompts, join me:


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