Thankful and Grateful: Clothing or Furniture

The prompt for today is “What piece of furniture or clothing are you thankful for?”

While I am thankful we finally upgraded from a full bed to a Queen sized bed, I love my Tieks, and the couch was certainly an upgrade.

However, I have already talked about all of these things on here… so I’ll be thankful about something else, lol!

I am thankful for… our newish Christmas tree!

We just finished decorating it for this season (super busy during the holidays-musicians and teachers both of us!) and it makes me think of our first tree.

Gosh, that tree came into our lives at the Christmas Clearance sale at Walmart. It was $15 and I thought it a most awesome deal!

And it was!

But our cat Fiona decided one Christmas that the lower branches tasted good, and we were worried for her digestive tract. What does synthetic Christmas tree do to a cat?

So we researched online a way to deter a cat from eating trees and discovered an orange cat deterrent that kept cats away and seemed to smell nice to us humans too.

Oh the foolishness we brought upon ourselves.

It was like a delicate orange flavoring to Fiona. Maybe it deterred her for a day or too, but once she got a taste for it, she couldn’t stop.

Luckily, Christmas came and went and she didn’t die.

We thought, “ah well you live and learn,” and though that was the end of it.

But no.

Did you know that cat deterrent lasts a long time? And it can flake off after many years? Yes, yes it can. Every time we took out the old tree we would get cat deterrent in the air as we shaped the branches. The we would breathe it in, and we would taste deterrent in our mouths for hours. It was nasty. It was vomit inducing. I just couldn’t.

Finally, after YEARS of deterrent and a new cat that ALSO thought the tree was now delicious… it was time to get a new tree! This is year 2 with this tree and thank goodness we have it. I just don’t think I could handle another year or orange sour vomit.


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