Thankful and Grateful: Public Service Organization

Today’s prompt is “What public Service Organization are you grateful for?” (Libraries, fire department, etc.)

While I am certainly thankful for very many public service organizations, I admire police officers a lot.

No, the real police!

I couldn’t do it. I thought about doing it in college, I admit. The idea of protecting the community and making a difference at home, so inspiring.

I know lately it’s been a lot of stores about racism, corruption, and violence but I believe there are good police officers all over my country. One even buys Tupperware from me! (and I’m grateful but that’s not why I’m writing about police officers)

I have hopes that, the good ones continue to shine and the bad ones are exposed and removed from duty. I truly believe though we are blessed to have such hardworking, skilled folks to protect us at schools, home, and around the community.

So thank you officers for all that you do!

This month I am attempting to answer gratitude prompts! please join me:

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