Thankful and Grateful: Helping Others

Well hullo! So, today I ponder how I am helpful to others?

Besides educating the future of my county, and letting kids make up missing assignments until the last minute, giving myself work to do over the holiday break….

Maybe it’s because I’m damaged-sometimes that feel like the answer- but I like to help others.

I will put things back at the store, tip 20%, pick up other people’s trash at the park. I do dishes at friends houses and help watch people’s dogs. On the surface, I do all sorts of things.

But my favorite way to help is a little more covert.

I look for secret acts of kindness to perform.

Now I admit, I am not the most crafty lady, I don’t have true time to be a weaver of fate or something like that.

Like the times I went to school this summer and helped the janitors clean an entire floor of rooms for free. I’m taking sweeping, dusting, packing away messes the other teachers should have before they left, scraping gum from the floor, all that to get ready for the buffing and waxing to follow.

Sure, the janitors knew, and they were so happy to have the help. The 7th grade teachers still have no idea and quite a few of the ones that dislike me are using rooms I cleaned! Ha! (I didn’t know who would be housed on that floor this year, heck when I went to do this I had a different principal on campus!)

Yeah, doing stuff like that makes me feel good, there are some personal benefits do doing good deeds no one knows about. I feel special for doing it, proud I followed through, and motivated to do it again.

I love things like angel trees and private donations. Why do people need to know it was me, you know? (I’m pretty sure NONE of my coworkers read my blog so it was a no brained to post a thing I did at school. )

All I know is I am thankful that I can do these things. I am healthy enough and able and that’s wonderful.

This month I am posting responses to gratitude prompts. Please join me:

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