Thankful and Grateful: Somethings I Like About my Job

Well hello! I’ve got some posts to make up! It’s been busy busy here!

Today’s topic is “What do you like about your job?”

Well, I am still in a transitional period at work. I have been there only two years and even then, I get moved around when it comes to what I teach.

I love that right now I teach 5th Grade Band with my co-teacher. In the two years I’ve taught at my new school, I’ve had to teach 5th Grade music. This year I get to do Band! The kids are so earnest, so willing to try weird things like this:

I also love that my co-teacher is there to bounce ideas off of. This activity was originally going to be an art project with dancing elements and it turned into a dancing/acting project instead.

I’m hoping to do more weird and cool stuff with them in the future. Maybe even, I dunno, keep the joy of music alive? Maybe?

Lol, but seriously we have loads happening this year: weird lessons, a Band novel, monthly composers to study with information about the time periods they dwell in, the music is much harder, the website is cleaner and more informative than its ever been, and I feel like we are involving parents more.

So hurray for Band!

This month I am writing about things that I am grateful for. Join me:

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