Thankful and Grateful: Author

Today’s post question is, “What artist, author, or musician are you grateful for?”

I admit, I have been influenced on all sides of the question, there are artists and musicians and authors that have inspired, healed, and helped me through many rough times or accented the great times!

Without a doubt though, Mercedes Lackey is the author I am most grateful for.

She was a HUGE part of my childhood (preteen and teen). Whenever I need to escape, I could travel with Talia and the Hearlds of Valdemar. I could read her short stories. I traveled with Rune and her magical fiddle (a particular favorite).

Books were so important to me because we didn’t have a lot of money but we could afford used books. My mother was very into reading herself so she would be willing to go to a used bookstore for hours. I was able to capture many a delightful series!

As I’ve grown older, I’ve enjoyed the 500 Kingdoms and the continued expansion of the Herald series. Her writing is comforting, like I’ve sat down to hear something amazing a friend has to tell me.

It’s not just fairytales and knights either, she tackles government (I’ll never forgot the explanation of taxes and Government from Bardic Voices), speaks about and writes LGBT characters and relationships, explores human sexuality, compassionately writes about PTSD and rape and the healing that is needed to get through that. There’s so much more, like smashing the patriarchy, that she does and I love it. Her books were my first stories of strong female leads who where witty and not necessarily bombshell gorgeous- I could see myself in the stories, I could wrap myself up in her writing and live there.

And for a child or abuse and neglect, who wanted to be absolutely anywhere else, that escape was vital.

I am so thankful for her and her writings and I hope she continues to write for decades more!


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