Thankful and Grateful: A Gift I am Most Thankful to Receive

Today’s prompt is “What have you been given that you are grateful for?”

I sat down at my desk at lunch today and asked myself this. Am I grateful for shoes, clothes, or gifts?

Certainly I feel blessed when I receive such things, but as I age, gifts aren’t something people do anymore. Gifts for CDubs are what get us through the year, without Christmas he’d be less fashionable and without many outfit choices.

But the questions is what I am thankful for that *I* have received and I would have to say…

The answer is time.

I am truly blessed when the people in my life make time for me. Yes yes, famous people say things like, “They should make time for you,” and, “You shouldn’t have to beg them to call,” and all that. I am truly grateful that people call me. That when I call them, they choose to pick up and talk.

I am grateful they are honest when they aren’t free, and kind enough to get back to me. I know this world is filled with many obstacles.

I know why it’s like to be overworked, underpaid, overwhelmed, and exhausted. I don’t do the best of keeping up, but we all do our best to stay in touch with one another. I appreciate that.

I used to be…. very clingy. And I still can be, but I think that I have grown in the last couple of years.

I have had to be alone with myself, I have lost 3 friends that I’ve known longer than 13 years. I had to ask myself, “What happened?”

Some of the answer was I wasn’t giving them my time. I was very demanding of their time, but never giving with mine. Yeah there were more factors involved in the dissolving of those relationships, but time certainly was a factor.

As we grow and change, it’s important we learn. I’ve learned that calling me once a week is not necessary. That my stories do not need to be 75% of the conversation and I am learning to listen and appreciate the time my people are giving me.

So thank you all, for your time. I know it’s precious and finite. It is truly one of my biggest blessings and I am very grateful you have trusted me with it!

2 thoughts on “Thankful and Grateful: A Gift I am Most Thankful to Receive

  1. I agree with you. Time is the most precious commodity now that I’m this side of 40. Time with family, friends. Time to laugh, reflect, enjoy life. Also, I love your blog’s theme! 🙂

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