Thankful and Grateful: A Possession that Makes my Life Easier

Hmmmm. A lot of things make my life easier. Electricity, the internet (because I remember dial up and life before dial up), selling Tupperware makes my life easier and I do LOVE their gadgets and gizmos….

But the thing that has given me great happiness would have to be my e-readers.

I love my kindle fire and my nook. I can’t drive, I can’t see in the dark at all. I can’t see in rains harder than a drizzle. I have problems seeing things in twilight and just after dawn. I can’t read signs until I am up on them. If it’s the afternoon and it’s a clear day, I CAN drive a car. We only have one though, so it seems like a hassle to go through with getting a license (when my vision started going bad I had a permit. I lived with my parents and they did not want another licensed drive added to their insurance).

So, that and living in the backwoods of swampy Lburg, it is SO nice that I can buy a book anywhere. As long as I have WiFi or HotSpot capabilities, I’m golden.

I also love that I can enlarge the text as big as I need it to be. My eyes get tired with the prescription I have, so after 8PM I like to take my glasses off. It’s nice to make the text super big and read in bed.

I love that the screens on both are lit up in some fashion. When I was a kid book lights were a pain in the butt. They fell off, they ripped pages, and I lost them all the time. I imagine if we clean my parents house completely we will find hundreds of book lamps.

I love that I used to have 4 book shelves in my house and now I have 2.

I love that I can “rent,” books like a library with kindle unlimited.

I just love my e-reader 🥰

This month I am being thankful every day. If you’d like to use this list of prompts and join me, please do:

Disclaimer: Amazon doesn’t even know who I am. This post is NOT affiliated with them or any of their services. I am not being paid for this post.

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