Thankful and Grateful: Accomplishment

What is an accomplishment I am grateful for?

I wanted to check with the dictionary to make sure what accomplishment meant to the world at large.

I think that I am not an abusive hoarder who is a recluse is an achievement. I think that I am a good mother, and that I worry about being a good mother is an accomplishment. I think a great many things like not losing my shit at little things, that would be an accomplishment!

However. I feel like perhaps this is a grander sort of accomplishment.

I’m not really sure I e done anything monumental… I suppose it’s because I compare myself to people? I believe that getting through college and earning my degree is my biggest tangible accomplishment. I don’t think my life would be, as I’ve said, what it is today without it. The pursuit of my degree and subsequent earning of that degree changed my entire life.

I am able to feed my family, have a family, and in general feel fulfilled because I got that degree in Music Education.

I think I would like to add some more accomplishments to my life though, now that I have had this prompt. I am a little shocked that to me, my big accomplishment occurred 10 years ago. Things to think about, to be sure!

This month I am answering gratitude prompts every day. If you’d like to join me in this endeavor:


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