Thankful and Grateful: Health

Hello! So a big topic today, thankful and Grateful for an aspect of my health…

I have to admit I am so blessed in spite of my brain tumor and my eye disease. They could be so much worse! Not only that but as of right now I have no genetic diseases. Like, my husband has the markers for late onset Alzheimer’s, and a gene for deafness. I have none of those and more. All the things wrong with me are random and not genetic (as far as my doctors and science as a whole knows).

I also just learned some great news today. I have been reassessed for my risks with my tumor. My thyroid is no longer inflamed. My hormone levels are level and my prolactin is at 0! It’s like I do not have a tumor (but of course I do)! I do not have to get an MRI every 6 months. I don’t have to get one every year. I don’t have to get an MRI unless my hormone levels change! I don’t have to go to the doctor every 6 months, I get to go once a year! My cabergaloine has been reduced to half a pill twice a week instead of two pills a week.

But the biggest news, is they have reassessed the danger of me having children. Based on all the data they have gathered from my tumor, there is a 3% chance I would die during pregnancy due to my tumor. They have decided it is more than safe to have kids. They said they were overly cautious the first time because it was the first time. They had no idea how my tumor would react and I needed to know the facts.

So it’s lovely to know if I were to decide to have more kids or that I were to “fall pregnant,” it would not be a life or death situation.

This is a great load off my mind, to be sure! What are you thankful for, health wise?

This month I am doing my best to answer writing prompts about being thankful or having gratitude for what I have. You are welcome to join me:

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