Thankful and Grateful: Happy Memory

So today my prompt is a happy memory…

I think a pretty good one would be…

If you’ve been on my Instagram you would know about this guy a little bit.

When I was a kid, I lived next door to a die hard Baptist couple. The husband had fought in the Vietnam war, the wife lost her first husband in the same war (I believe). The 1st husband (If I remember correctly) stuck a pact with his pal that if he died his friend had to take care of his wife etc. Well, the first husband died and they met and fell in love and were married.


B would visit her grandparents every summer and we would hang out for a week or two. It was the BEST time of year because we were pen pals and got to see each other.

We used to hang out around her granddad’s camp. He was retired when I was a kid and had built a cool area to play in, in his backyard. Id say he helped raise us, though he was a little strange. Anyway, he had a cabin and he would let people use it for camp outs and me and his granddaughter B would spend many a night either with her dad sleeping on the bottom bunk and us two on the top ones or as we got older just us two.

That creeptastic picture was whole then and he would just stare at us. We ALWAYS threw a blanket over his picture because he was a creepy man. I don’t know who he was, if he was anyone to the family, or what but I spent the absolute best times with B in those woods/cabin in her granddaddy’s backyard.

She recently cleaned out a garage and came across this picture she had taken from the old cabin with a lot of other things (both grandparent has passed on). We have both grown into our own and don’t speak anymore though we like things on FB and I believe think fondly of our childhood antics together. So I was surprised when I got a message from her and the only thing in the message was that photograph!

I of course instantly recognized him and we took a lovely trip down memory lane.

There are definitely some lovely patches of good in my childhood and she was the maker of many of these patches.

I am still trying to do these prompts! If you’d like to join me, here is the list of prompts!


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