Thankful and Grateful: Simple Pleasures

*Cue the suggestive music*

That seems about right… I’ll leave that right there!

Hello my friends! Today I am thankful for simple pleasures! I am a voracious reader, I once beta tested a romance novel in under 4 hours and was able to actually give the author points on what I read! That’s right, I am not a Sally Skimmer!! Not that I’m bragging *eyebrow waggle*

Seriously though I LOVE BOOKS. I love mythology, fantasy, science fiction, short stories, paranormal, historical, and of course coupling these with Romance… I am done!

I love to wrap up, stretch out, have some nibbles and sips (True and the Magic Kingdom, don’t judge me my son loves that show) and read for hours. I don’t need to move unless a cat needs me. Bathroom breaks aren’t really breaks (way to much information I know) and I can cook and read at the same time (but I always wash my hands in both instances!!).

I sometimes feel guilty, but it’s nice to just stop and take time for me. Usually it’s after 8PM and the little man is going to sleep. (It’s been rough lately, the hurricane scared him more than he will admit and we haven’t slept with the hallway light off since it ended. We had finally broken that habit right before the storm hit.)

We’ve been so on the go lately and it’s only going to get worse! (November and December are very busy, important months for musicians. If it’s not rehearsal, it’s a pep band/game engagement, after school rehearsal or parade practice. Then we are usually asked to perform at our houses of worship or more. Just in ONE WEEKEND I am running a children’s program on Dec. 9 at 9AM and immediately following (talking 10AM) going to the local Baptist Church to sing. I will be leading my band with my co-Director the day before (Dec 8) and the following week will most likely be the Christmas concert at school.)

But man, do I love stopping and reading a book. Especially easy, uncomplicated ones where the happily ever after date guaranteed!

How about you? What are your simple pleasures? I’d love to know if you love reading as much as I do, or is there something I’m missing!

If you want to join me on my month of gratitude prompts, here is the official list (That I’m following at any rate!)


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