Vampires, the Lot of Them!

I could be talking about many a profession or even individuals but I’m not! Today I go to a college town 2 and some hours away to have my blood- 4 vials usually but if I’m lucky 2- drawn and tested.

Once a year I have an appointment like this where I just get poked at a bit, asked a lot of questions, and medication is renewed. Then I have another appointment once a year where I get an MRI followed by an appointment where we look at the scans and if I’m lucky someone has looked at the results and I can learn about them that day.

Today is Vampire Day, lol, and it’s fitting it ended up in October (my appointments are not scheduled to the day).

I’m ambivalent when it comes to these appointments. We drive four hours and some round trip, I talk to the doctor for 20 minutes and get tapped on for reflexes, and then they draw the blood and I am released into the wild. I understand it’s important, and if my local hospital hadn’t thrown out my tests 3 or so times and caused me to miss more work I would go there instead.

It is what it is.

We are doing our best to enjoy the day. We have looked at the scenery and been saddened on how high the water still is. We stopped for a pastry break and now, I wait.

I am early for my appointment but considering last time I was made to feel guilty for being late when I was scheduled in a very silly way, I wanted to emphasize I am usually early, when I have a choice.

I read a good novella in the car, a nice surprise from the author considering her next book releases in November. I appreciated the 4.5 novella!

For now I wait and hopefully it will be very routine and boring sort of appointment!

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