Hurricane Florence Clean Up Weekend 2 and now Tropical Storm Michael…

Well it has been another week, no school still (though I came in for two mornings to make copies and do inventory some more… meet with a music rep etc.). We are on day…22 of no school (generally without the weekends there are 20 days, give or take, in a month for school teachers and children). Usually the first nine weeks ends at the end of October. We joked we would be returning to school in November, now I wonder.

So far, they are not cutting our pay and we’ve been forgiven 20 days. We will still be required to make up days as teachers I am sure. No one works for free and last time during Hurricane Matthew we added 3 weeks to the end of the year I believe. (A couple for kids but most for teachers)

I am lucky though they are paying me. If they decide to garnish our wages for the rest of the year I don’t know what I will do. They can do that, it is not above their power.

It last weekend we did a lot of wood! I have decided that mucking our homes is smelly and sad work but cutting down trees is hard work.

So is taking stumps of 100 year old trees to the road for pick up! I managed to bruise myself:

Which is stupid because I was plain useless. I dragged all I could and picked up what I could but I am weak. I am just no built for hauling things. For about 20 minutes I was afraid it was not a bruise and something more sinister (our mosquitoes are huge right now, legs and all the size of a quarter). Luckily the medical professionals in my life told me to calm down, lol.

CDubs had soccer practice this past week and did a wonderful job. Generally, he was very passive and would cry when the ball was stolen (last year). This year he is really in that ball and understands he himself doesn’t have to score for his team to win. He is interacting with the kids more too. Makes my heart happy to see my little introvert go out there and have fun! The video you watched was just a snippet of his awesomeness this season!

I am having my first Tupperware part tonight! My good friend K is hosting it at her lovely home and I hope to remember the names of all the items I am showing tonight… like the choppy-chop is really:

Power Chef…. yes…

I might be in over my head. I love Tupperware but I don’t get to talk about it a lot. So the names… they float away and become the choppy-chop, the mixer thing, the eggs maker, and the 3 in one thing. Not really professional.

Le sigh.

Would you buy a choppy-chip from me even though I make up crazy names? Maybe? Lol

This weekend we are supposed to clean up/cut down more but CDubs has a game. Not sure about that. Not to mention right now we are being pummeled by rain thanks to tropical storm Michael. We also will be having church for the first time in 3 weeks?

But still no school. Maybe Monday? Who knows. More damage to access I am sure. Be safe my dears and I’ll talk to you soon!


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