Hurricane Clean Up and Family Update

I hope you and yours are doing well today! I had. A good day myself, even though we have been out of school for two weeks and have been told to stay out this week, I got to come to school briefly to intake new instruments. When they are delivered they are put to rest in the office by the mailboxes (makes sense). We come and get them and take them to our rooms with the help of children. Well, not this time! We got a dolly a loaded it up.

The boxes were smashed my friends. It looked like they threw the boxes into a bull pen, they were trampled, then sent for delivery. I am not sure if they were in bad conditions prior to coming to my school due to the hurricane, but the boxes did not have water damage.

We put some things together, but we couldn’t stay long…

We’ve all been busy, volunteering around our little town and we even tried to get back to our respective teaching towns/cities (but the roads were flooded badly).

Being a Latter-day Saint (Mormon) is kind of awesome because during natural disasters we are deployed, in a way, to areas where people need us to recover. While Saturday I promised to get CDubs out of the house and took him to DPK:

And Sunday, a church friend (my Primary President) took CDubs for the day so I could join a crew with Ry (!) to muck out a house. Out of respect I covered faces that were obvious in the pictures that were not my husband’s or my faces:

The homeowner evacuated as she was commanded to do (while we were not evacuated, some areas of my town were under mandatory evacuation). She was unable to return for two weeks. In those stow weeks, the damp stayed. Her home flooded a foot and a half deep and… she lost everything. The mold was terrible and we tried to find good things amongst the damp… but we were not successful.

She was in the process of moving things out of the home. I can only hope that she has somewhere permanent to stay (instead of a shelter). It was a painful day: not because we had to use masks to breathe or because the wet clothes, books, furniture, and everyday things were heavy but because I was throwing out her life into gray bags and putting it to the curb.

There is two more weeks where we are sent to help. It can be moving branches, cutting down bad trees or downed trees, moving the broken and flooded things from house to yard. It could be getting on roofs to offer some help with branches up there or cutting out damaged drywall to see how bad the mold really is. We want to help, we are called to help. What we have done so far makes me very proud. There will be more to do next week!

I better find my yellow Helping Hands shirt!

No school for the rest of the week but me and K plan on sneaking in to get things ready. Suddenly we aren’t in football game mode now it’s Christmas Music Time! (Wut?!) We haven’t even gotten all the 5th graders assigned to instruments yet!

Oh Lordy… how many notes does Jingle Bells have again? Maybe they can play that!

Sending much love out into the universe for you all, talk to you soon! (really, I have a new goal to post at least once a week!)



  1. Snuffy

    Thank you for the update, Katt! I’m so glad that your family weathered the hurricane well. It is meaningful to be reminded that the cleanup often continues long after a storm has passed. I imagine having someone else help makes it less emotional for the homeowner even if it is still heart breaking for the helpers.

    Are you back to school now? Hopefully all your instruments came out okay! And I don’t even want to think about Christmas yet!

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    1. afternoonofsundries

      It’s true, even when our section of helping hands shuts down, many many people will still need help, possibly for years. I can only hope that they get what they need!

      We are NOT back at school. I was able to go in this week to assess the clean up (the smell is gone!) and copy more music for the Christmas concert. However, we are currently being hit by tropical storm Michael and I am once again worried! The rivers were just below the flooding cap and it had not rained since the hurricane…. but it is now it started yesterday afternoon and hasn’t stopped since…

      I just hope everyone is okay.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Snuffy

        We went down to New Orleans with our youth group 9 years after Katrina because there is still work to do. I think a lot of people don’t realize how long the effects are. I’m just glad there are people willing to help long after the news cameras go away.

        You are affected by Michael, too? Yikes! Hopefully, you all will get a break soon!

        Liked by 1 person

      2. afternoonofsundries

        We can only hope! You are right though, people don’t realize how these disasters really destroy things for years. It is sad because we were still recovering from Hurricane Matthew two years ago! Thank you for your kind words and understanding!

        Liked by 1 person

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