Moving on In!

If you recall, it’s been weeks after all, I have a new principal, new classroom, and new classes. I had been very worried about how this would effect me. I won’t lie, I am a very important person in my life (lol) and keeping me happy is important to me. Granted, there is not much I can control so I do my best to find joy in every part of my life be it home, work, hobbies, etc. However we all know it’s possible to work in an environment where there is NO way to spin any part of it in a positive fashion.

So I was worried, as I said. At first I thought my fears were founded. My classroom was moved into a new spot that logistically seemed like a great idea. It scared me a bit because phowalls aren’t known to be great sound barriers (and I admit it gets louder every day- more and more students are getting in instruments and the band is filling up!).

Then I got to the school and I saw the state of my new classroom:

And look. I was mad. You cannot even see the gigantic stacks of paper 5 ft talk to the right of this picture. This was a storage room and it looked it. I wasn’t even going to share the before picture- it was just so depressing.

But let me tell you, first I had help. The ESL (English Second Language) teacher came in and lent me his strength and moved mountains of paper and killed huge spiders and just was awesome. My co-director was amazing and moved a million things, my wall mate (someone was moved next to me) helped me move things AND!!!

I went to my principal when I was sure there would be no way I could get it done by Friday. I wasn’t ready for the kids, and I NEEDED to be ready. Maybe for my own sanity but also for theirs. So, I showed that picture to my principal. She looked, and she figured out a solution.

She, and a team of Janitors and some of her friends from out school stayed after an extra four hours the night I showed her the picture. (I showed her the picture in hopes of getting some more time on campus to get it done myself) I came in the next morning and almost cried:

Shortly after this picture was taken, the tables were moved out and that mountain of boxes were English text books and the English department ale and got those. By Friday my room was almost clear.

So I know I don’t know much. But I do know a leader who is willing to stay behind for me, the Band and Music teacher to get her classroom ready AND let us try our teaching idea this year (she approved us co-teaching Band) …. that’s a pretty good leader. I wasn’t sure what the new school year would have in store… but…

That really helped me reach a happier place.

My room isn’t done done yet, I have a few things to hang and a table or two to be removed (folded up in a corner)and once it is I will share. For the hurricane we moved all or stuff away from the far wall because last hurricane the band rooms flooded. We got everything up high and it should make it through as long as nothing goes completely underwater.

Tonight as I worry about my students, staff, and the people of the county I teach in (that entire county is on a flood plane), I really wanted to remember something truly good from this year. I have faith that my clean classroom will be there ready for me next week. This is my great wish! (Besides of course my family, friends, and students will all be safe and come out of this with minimal losses at most) I am very lucky I have a worthwhile place to work when all of this is said and done.

Thank you for readying my school update, I will update you on storm things next!

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