God Bless the Lowcountry Coast!

Ah Florence. My emotions have been all over the place. We live in a not so great area in relation to the path of the hurricane. Being that we are an hour and some change from the coast of NC, one could say we know that we are living is not the greatest area to be during hurricane season except, we generally don’t have issues.

Two years ago, because of record rain fall BEFORE the hurricane, DURING the hurricane and then it rained AFTER the hurricane it’s not surprise our 100yr Levy broke. It flooded everywhere and it was devastating. It remember the clean up. It was horrendous.

It was like that everywhere in the county where I teach. However in Lburg, things were different:

(Look at Toddler CDubs!!)

We were without power for a few days. We weren’t prepared and we didn’t flood.

Now I know Florence is different. It’s bigger, it’s meaner, and there will be more rain where I live.

I also know my friends who have offered me shelter think I am nuts for staying. But we have lots of food this time. We have enough fresh water for 13 days each, plus juice, canned water (yum La Croix), Dr Pepper (*shudder*), and little boxed milk for CDubs. We have a plan, there is a shelter not even a mile away, and maybe it is a false sense of security but we have done what we can to prepare. It helps that we live up higher than most, and that we are in a brick front townhouse in between other houses.

Unless the evacuate the nearest large city we are planning to stay. The roads look scary, and again maybe it’s a false sense of security but I feel like we are prepared.

Also my MIL has evacuated from the coast to our little town. We shouldn’t leave her behind 🤪 (we wouldn’t!)! No I am sure she would come along if it was obvious that it was too dangerous to stay.

We have a curfew 7PM to 7AM, and I plan to abide by it. We have chargers charging and I’ve download 9 books to read (free through Amazon Kindle Unlimited). Hopefully they last through the weekend.

Hopefully everyone lasts through the weekend. We are not sure how bad this will be but currently I am off work until Monday.

I will be praying for us, and I hope you will too, or send good juju our way. I hope I am not wrong and all will be well.

It’s hard to say now, as it gets closer!

And CDubs is starting to notice and get s little wary himself. Fell right to sleep though this evening. We will be sleeping downstairs tomorrow. Planning a big camp out and movies for as long as the power lasts.

Keep you posted my friends! Be safe!

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