Quick Update-Hurricane Florence

We live about where the yellow circle is (you’ll have to forgive the size of the picture and my fingers). We live in a town house and their are lots of windows, but we plan to sleep downstairs in the living room Thursday night, with us up on the couch and CDubs protected below. We will definitely think about hallways and a room without windows in the future! (Whenever house hunting time happens for us )

We have a bursting pantry, we have solar lanterns, oil lanterns, 10 gallons of water, plus drinks like juice pouches and canned drinks we bought pre hurricane shopping, we have battery back ups, I am charging devices daily, we are washing all our clothes, and we will be filling up CDubs’ tub with water (yes I am washing it first (lol) and it will be for flushing and washing and so on.) I have downloaded 10 new (free) books plus I have paper novels, Connor has a large box of puzzles and plenty of toys, and Ry will be reading lots of music books I am sure!

So I feel we are as prepared as we can be, not matter if the eye does land over Fayetteville or not! I just hope my students will be okay…. and that this passes soon!

Thank you to those who have reached out in love to us, we very much appreciate it!!



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