And it Changed Before it Began!

Yo! How are you all doing today? I’m doing pretty okay. Today signaled some pretty big changes in my life, and my family’s life.

While today wasn’t the first day back, many of us teachers came to school today to work for free. Even if nothing changed for them this year, teachers across the US are classroomscaping- changing their rooms into inviting, magical places to learn.

(Ssshhhhh, it could be)

My husband has transferred schools to MES which is a K-8 school. He will be teaching 5-8 Band and is very excited about it. We took all of his things out of PSHS, waved goodbye to the sign out front, and with the help of a friend, moved him into his large spacious Band room at MES! I was very impressed!

So that’s the excellent news! I think this will be a great thing for him!

I on the other hand, also received some news of sorts. I’m not going to lie and say I was excited about it, and I know my new principal knew where I stood based on our phone conversation the other week. However I also know, she makes decisions for everyone that I just cannot imagine how she makes everything work. I’ve never wanted to be a principal. I know there is just so much they have to do and get done. I can’t imagine the stress of starting at a new school, with new ideas, and having to present them to my new staff. Nope, she’s got so much responsibility and kudos to her, I couldn’t do it.

Yup. Couldn’t do it.

So while I understand that, and will not dwell on my news, I won’t lie and say I was excited to hear my room was moved. I don’t think this is a shock to my principal (me being upset) but I don’t think being unreasonable and ridiculous will help anyone so, why be that way? Just accept it and move on, am I right?

I will be next door to the big band room. We will will be sharing the wall and the noise. It’s going to be loud. I already have some ideas on how to reduce that, but it will be a work in progress to be sure.

  • There are positives to this situation:
    • I have a lot to move, but not far to move it (yay! She could have moved me half way across the school or upstairs, or into a trailer or something-not knocking trailers but we know those aren’t ideal.).
      I get to keep the back room in my old room to use as a repair shop still- she DIDN’T have to do that at all so I completely 100% appreciate that we still get to utilize the space- not only because I spent so much time working on it, but because sharp things and chemicals shouldn’t be accessible to middle schoolers but should be accessible to band directors! I should also be getting my own key to the room to use for before and after school and planning.
      I can holler at K anytime I need to through our little alcove, without moving from my desk. Before I had to walk outside, walk down the sidewalk, unlock a door and then going into her room.
      No more outdoor trips to the main building during tornado drills.
      I am told the heating and AC are consistent- it is warm in the winter and cool in the summer (yay! Definitely an upgrade there).
      I HAVE A WHITE BOARD THATS LIKE 6ft LONG! Totally bizarre and wonderful!
      While I love natural light (so so much) my new room only has one tiny window- this means I have more wall space to decorate.
      Bouncing kids to the other band room will be easier (for discipline problems) because they won’t go outside and have the temptation to skip class. I’ll know if they got there pretty instantly.
      I think the new room is slightly larger.

    So there are good points. Just because I didn’t get what I want doesn’t mean all is lost. This doesn’t mean my year will be bad or that my principal is out to get me (she’s very nice and organized…. and busy I am sure!) It just means that for our school to be successful in this incarnation we all have to change. I’m not above anyone else so that means I need to change too, no matter how much it “hurts.”

    So onwards and upwards my friends! Tomorrow we have meetings all day, but it is my hope that I can sneak out at lunch and move things!

    Enjoy your week, I am exhausted from moving hubby and chairs today, so I’m taking a nice bath, doing my hair, maybe a mud mask… and just chillin 😎



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