The Business of Business

If you have visited my blog since June 2018 (bless you! 💜) you may have noticed my new page that informs the blogverse that I am a Tupperware Consultant!

And while that’s all well and good, for the past two months that has been my focus.

You see, I decided that I would start out right, and I would spend my summer really focused on learning the business. I watched videos on how to input sales, I went to online training sessions, I read word documents detailing sales techniques, and I learned how to throw online parties.

I created a closed group where I could post exclusive deals to my customers, have mystery host parties, and be able to take orders from friends and family using PayPal and Facebook Pay (which I had to learn to use). I also sprung for a website so that if someone didn’t feel comfortable with sharing their payment information (which I totally understood) they could order with me but through Tupperware’s website.

So I set it ALL up. There was nothing I didn’t do to try to learn everything I needed to be successful!

And then… I discovered that even having a great product, knowing all sorts of things about warranties and uses for products, and having giveaways and playing games doesn’t mean instant wild success. That I still could make many costly mistakes…

Okay it wasn’t that bad!

But I have missed sales goals. I missed paying off my kit via the company by $130. I have accidentally given people free shipping, I have given away Tupperware when I should have said the prize was contingent on a base order of say $10… thus putting myself in the red by paying shipping and tax. I have NEVER made a mistake where they were the ones who lost money, it has always been myself and my discounts, my commission that has suffered for my mistakes.

However, I have the best customers and friends. There are more experienced Tupperware consultants. Heck, they could just go to Tupperware dot com and order whatever they want that way (minus special consultant sales). However, they have allowed me to learn my business with them. They have not complained when I’ve double checked their order (because I did make mistakes in the past!) or asked them if they wanted to host a party. I appreciate that.

So while I still have a lot to learn, I appreciate my customers so so much. People are choosing to shop with me! That can only be positive! It’s is a great start!

When I started this business, I saw a lot of Tupperware I wanted. I saw the 25% discount and I saw the chance at a second income. I vowed to do my best and give this business 6 months of my time and then decide: should I continue on or not?

I do not regret the time and energy I have put into my business so far. I am so thankful for the support I have received and I cannot wait to see what the next 4 months have in store for me. (I do regret I was away from my blog but the time to learn had to come from somewhere!)

The future… the future is still a little murky, but I am enthusiastic!

At the very least, I’m having my first home party (like they used to do!) at the end of August! But who knows how things go in November? I might even hold out to December! Heck this might even work out to be a true second job!

Here’s hoping!!


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