You Would… If You Would Just….

She was perfect when she was born: beautiful eyes, beautiful skin, beautiful hair, dimples and a strong chin. Her parents smiled and cooed and told her she could be anything, do anything. “I love you,” they chanted to her for years and years.

Then she was 5, still dimples and smiles, rambunctious and loud and inappropriate, holy cow! So momma just said, with a clear angry voice, “You would be such a good girl if you would just lower your voice! No one wants loud and obnoxious and crude, they just won’t listen unless your voice is smooth. Calmly, politely serene in all thoughts, that’s what’s beautiful, keep that in your thoughts!”

So daughter obeyed and her voice she modulated, calmly and quietly she played extremely sedated.

Then she was 8, a big grown up girl (she thought with glee), hair wild and unkept with many scrapes on her knees. Her father took one look and shook his head, “Now that you’re older my dear don’t you see, no one will find you attractive with those scraped knees! Your hair is too wild and horribly kept, a bun would be better and take smaller, less active, steps!”

So daughter obeyed and her hair she took up, not a strand out of place not a curl wasn’t pinned up. She stopped being active outside and in. Small steps, quiet breaths, hair up, no scrapes, neat as a pin.

Then she was 12 in middle school Hell, no one told the truth and if they did, they didn’t do it well. She was larger than most due to lack of exercise so when her friends said they loved her it came with a price, “If you would just stop eating so much food, how beautiful you’d be, how perfect and cute!”

So she obeyed as she went on home, that night she ate then purged it all alone. She sat in the bathroom and cleaned up the mess, then stood and looked to the mirror without protest, “Here’s the first step! I’ll be beautiful soon! I can’t wait for them to see me!” She all but crooned…

We all mean well when we suggest for the best, but now, oh how, can we say this girl is blessed? It’s one thing to guide and to hope and to pray; it’s completely another to take all personality, character, and opinion away. Your words they do stick, more than an instant they reside, in the mind of the younger less experienced child. Take heed and be warned whatever you do, think before you speak or you will too, wonder like mother and father and friend why she has to be admitted to the hospital again.

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