Testing… Testing… Testing 1,2,3… EOGs!

and NC Final Exams! I tell you, I can’t say much. I can say we are testing. I can say that I think my kids are smart enough to push though and make 3s and 4s.

I believe in them!

As for me, I am falling into my usual self destruct end-of-year cycle. I don’t need sleep! I can stay up allllllll night reading books and Manga and ignoring the fact that I work in less than 5 hours! I can shower in 10 minutes so I can sleep in too!

I’m not really sure why I do this… I just do. I have a nervous energy about the last weeks of school. It’s like I chugged 15 highly caffeinated drinks and ate 3 lbs of chocolate, I can’t seem to calm down and sleep!

And I think… oh the ridiculous stuff I think about. 3 months ago I could have handled that interaction with Mrs.Q like this, or maybe this…. or no definitely like this!


Tonight’s the night though. I’m going to bed by 10:30PM.


Right now. I’ll stop blogging any minute. Yes. Bye.

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