Trying Things Tuesday: Nurx

Think about the last time you went to the doctor’s office. (A lot of you are blessed and live in a place with free healthcare so our imaginings may differ.) How much did you pay to see your doctor? How long did you wait to see the doctor? Did you fill out a long questionnaire only to have the nurse check over all the answers once they called you back, and then realize the doctor never really looked over your answers?

Have you ever gone to get a check up for birth control? Did they ask you questions like, “Why do you want to take birth control?” Only to think, “because you clown I’m not looking to conceive right now!”

Think back though, when you asked for this form of contraception, did they do a vaginal exam? Did they look you over and pronounce you fit to start a contraceptive?

For most of us, the answer is no, they just asked a bunch of questions. Then you paid your copay (or not) and left.

What if it were easier? What if you could fill something out during your lunch break at work, while taking a breather at the house, or dare I say it, on the can?! Then, a licensed physician looks over the questionnaire, checks your insurance, and prescribed you a form of birth control over a period of a week but you never had to go to the doctor’s office or make an appointment?

Crazy sounding, right?

Except is not. Really think to the questions I posed above. Do you need to physically see a doctor in order to obtain contraceptives?

Well I have to tell you that I don’t. Even with an endocrine issue and amenorrhea I was able to speak with a doctor ask questions and never leave my house.

Sounds like some black market woo woo, huh?

Well it’s not! Check out Nurx:

It’s a simple little app!

Nurx is an app (and website) that allows you to log in, answer questions that you would answer at a doctor’s office. You are then matched with a physician who goes over your medical history, listens to your preferences, and writes you a script for birth control. It’s not just pills either (you’ll just have to explore your options). This takes a week or so to accomplish. While you’re waiting, you can fill in your insurance information. My script ended up being covered by my insurance but many people find that their contraceptive choice is affordable (no, really!).

My doctor looked at what I wanted, listened to my time constraints and asked questions what I found to be comfortable. Then she set me up with a 3 month batch and I received my first package:

And then my second!
I have been pretty happy with nurx and I confidantes say that my pills are the real deal. Remember, I admitted to having amenorrhea. Without the proper hormones in my body, I don’t have a period. Even on my pituitary medicine that controls my hormone imbalance I still cannot have a period. The only way I have been able to have a period in my adult life is with the side of birth control. I’ve had doctor office prescribed and bled. I’ve had nurx and bled. I’m not pregnant, so I tend to think that these pills work. It’s not a sugar pill hoax. It’s a wonderful, revolutionary way to save time and money while practicing family planning.

Unfortunately, nurx is not available in every state in USA. It never hurts to check and see if it is though, and if and when it will be available to you! I am unsure if they ship globally but for more information on nurx please visit their website!

As always, it’s up to you what you decide to try out, and I am just a happy customer. I am not being paid or endorsed by this company, these are just my opinions.


  1. josypheen

    I have never heard of this, but it makes a lot of sense when you have to pay for a doctor anyway. I wonder if the UK will ever sign up for a more people-friendly model of healthcare…

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    1. afternoonofsundries

      I hear the UK’s healthcare isn’t imploding like ours is…. but I agree, we’ve got to evolve. If more and more people are using technology to buy things why not make basic contraceptives other than condoms as easy to buy? Especially when obtaining those contraceptives do not include a vaginal exam! We’ve got a long way to go as a planet when it comes to allowing woman the ease of controlling their bodies, having access to safe contraceptives, and being educated on how it all and we all work. I’m glad we are moving forward but by bit though! Thanks for stopping by!

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      1. josypheen

        I think everywhere has issues with healthcare, the UK does have problems at the moment as it’s not given the funding it needs. BUT it was always really easy for me to get contraception, even as a teen.

        It’s just good to hear you have Nurx as a possible option!

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  2. afternoonofsundries

    It is 🙂 and it’s good for the younger folks too when often (in the south) we are questioned by our healthcare professionals on why we need it. I even as an adult had the question did my husband know? I mean really. Anyway, thank you for reading and sharing a bit about the UK with this US Citizen!


    1. afternoonofsundries

      They are mostly free here, it depends on the insurance. It’s crazy that it’s hard to get an appointment! Here if you’re late they charge you but they can see you up to or behind two hours AFTER your scheduled appointment!


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