Sunday Earworm: Jesus is

I know what you’re thinking, well Jesus has… moved on from this plane of existence. You have to remember that he is to a lot of Christians in this world the reason we all can be forgiven for our sins, because he took all of our sins upon himself. Because if we work hard, live good lives, and try to follow Him we will be rewarded with everlasting life. What’s even more miraculous is that as long as you live a good life, because of Jesus and Heavenly Father’s love as long as you are a good person who lives a good life regardless of your faith, you still will go to heaven. Now I know not all Christian faiths believe this, so I suppose we shall see, but that is certainly my idea of a merciful God!

I’m so thankful that Jesus does not change, that Heavenly Father does not change. I understand our human understanding changes. What we can handle, what can be accepted by us humans can change but not Them. Can you imagine having deities like the Romans and Greeks did, constantly warring constantly changing their minds about who and what is acceptable.

I woulda been smote by now, I’m just saying. I can be pretty annoying.

So, I’m thankful today for my Lord Jesus and my Heavenly Father. Thank goodness their love for us never changes!

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