Sunday Earworm: He is Not Here!

Can you imagine? You best friend, son, teacher, Lord is killed in a horrific way. You and the people who loved them best hurry to prepare their body for their tomb because you cannot work on the Sabbath (which would be Saturday because your Jewish). You know it will be many long hours until you can see them again so you prep and seal in the tomb so that your beloved friend, son, teacher is safe because there are people who would defile his body. You go and do what you must with a heavy heart.

The correct amount of time passes and you rush to their tomb to properly reflect, spend time etc. only to find the door to the tomb open and the body of your loved one gone! Such panic! Such sadness and worry must be running through your mind. “Where is my Lord?”

Luckily, the story ends well, for all of us! If you’d like a longer (not as long as the Bible verses perhaps, but certainly more coherent than my early morning mumbles…) version here is a link to one that’s pretty good.

Happy Easter my friends! Enjoy your Sunday!


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