Sunday Earworm: Keeping the Sabbath

This is why I post and respond to FB, Twitter, and Instagram very sparingly on Sundays. With that said, please do what you believe is right for you! We still do heaps of things that are distracting on Sunday. I just try to cut back… it’s hard because #SundayBlogShare is going strong in Sundays. It would be great exposure and it’s always fun to spend the day reading but… I really spend the day reading and my husband gets so mad… so I had to stop, think about what Sundays meant to me and then adjust. So though I’m still lurking about on Sundays, I try to keep myself in check! Not to mention, Sunday is supposed to be my day to read or listen to holy stuff (BOM, HB, Conference Talks, etc.). It’s so easy to get distracted by all the great blogs out there… so that’s why I hide out in the real world on Sundays!

Hope everyone has a good Sunday, enjoy yourselves and relax!


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