Weekend Beverage Share: The Busy Month of March!

(A coffee share/beverage share is not my original idea but the original idea of parttimemonster… whose website I cannot find. If you know where her blog moved to, I’d love to link her!!)

Hey-o my friends! How are you all doing! The air still has a wintry chill, so today I think I’ll be sipping some hot coca.

I would have you join me outside on our “patio” and view our spring set up:

The little white swing is actually a bird feeder. We tried filling it with a wild bird birdseed mix. We were very disappointed at first, it seemed like nothing was eating our seeds! It took some time but we noticed only the sunflower seeds were being picked at.

We took a trip to our local tractor supply and discovered that sunflower earring birds are Song Birds. After buying a big bag I devised a plan. I threw a couple handfuls outside our back gate and filled up the swing with the new mix. Now we have birds everywhere in the morning:

We have a cardinal couple that visit, a male and female, a couple blackbirds, and lots of feisty robins.

Our cats are also getting into the habit of walks on the patio:

One is more adventurous than the other…

CDubs is also enjoying the outdoors, but for different reasons. He is turning 4 this month and to celebrate we planned a part on the only Saturday we have off this month:

He had a great time! Unfortunately, none of his daycare friends came, but luckily a lot of church friends came and so did my coworker’s kids. CDubs did not even mention that his best friend wasn’t there- which I am eternally grateful for. (He had asked me everyday if his friend was coming.) The kids from church did a great job of keeping him busy!

In other news, I had a change in medication. I changed my insurance to a better plan and my pharmacy changed pill suppliers. Last month’s pills were cheaper and the formula was different. I feel much better now than I did with the other pills. I don’t get knocked on my butt when I take them and I’m not loopy at all. The next day I’m not motion sick or anything. They are amazing and I am so glad I have them.

I also had a big appointment yesterday. Even though we left on time, and I was on time for my MRI, my MRI took longer than the person who scheduled my appointments thought. I was 40 minutes late to my second appointment. My doctor was late that morning so, when they asked if I could still be seen, she said she couldn’t punish me for being late when she had been late as well. I tried to assure her it wasn’t on purpose, but I feel like I just made her feel like I was making excuses. Ah well, I knew when they made this appointment that it was too close to the MRI. I’ll insist next time, that the appointments are further apart.

I was going to upload some pictures from my imaging cd… but my husband does have a CD drive!

I suppose it will be a mystery for another day, lol.

As I mentioned my doctor has some theories. She of course wants the films (?) analyzed by the professionals but she gave me her opinion.

So I took Ryan out to lunch and told him what she told me. It seems that my tumor has grown. When it’s a macro adenoma you’re safe, less headaches, can have babies that sort of thing. I might not be in macro adenoma land anymore. This means headaches and definitely staying on my medicine. Definitely. It also means, not only is it finically not a good idea to have children, it’s not a healthy choice for me either. Obviously if I became pregnant accidentally we would talk to my doctors like last time, but as last time, we are being careful. (My medication is for tumor compaction, it’s not a cure)

Of course, we will look forward towards official updates, measurements, test results, etc. when the time comes.

A rare occurrence allowed me to purchase another pair of Tieks:

And I am carefully, in dry weather, breaking them in. I can’t say they are stretched comfortably yet (they are leather after all), but they are on their way. I look forward to wearing these to pieces as well.

I have a cool lesson for tomorrow at church. I don’t think my PP is keen on it, but that’s the good thing about being the music leader, I can made my own decisions about music time. Still not one hundred percent on if I’m allowed to make Song choices for the program but I’ll ask my stake music leader tomorrow.

We are supposed to work on our third verse tomorrow for “If the Savior Stood beside me,” which is a song about making choices as if Jesus were right there. A very talented woman made me a prop with her handy dandy vinyl machine:

As a musician we are asked often to look at a mirror to notice things we often wouldn’t when we perform. I didn’t use to open my mouth enough when I was singing for instance. I want to talk about that briefly then have each child come up one by one and notice how they look when they sing. They aren’t allowed to share what they notice with others but take note of how they look, are their mouths open, is there space all the way back, that sort of thing. My hope is at first they notice that then focus in and see Jesus.

The idea is, though we don’t always see him there, he is there. When we go about our lives or even sing at the Primary Program Jesus is there with us. Does that change who we want to be? How we sing?

I’m hoping this makes them think and invites the spirit. I could be reading too far into this, but I think she thinks I’m being too complex. It can’t just be word all the time. We need to understand what we are singing. We aren’t little puppets. Not that she thinks that, but sometime I feel like one. I tried to call her earlier this week, yesterday, and today to talk about that and feelings I’ve had but she didn’t have time. So I’m just going to have to ambush her tomorrow. I tried man. I tried to do this over the phone in the privacy of our homes. Eh. I like her a lot but I’m not just rolling over. At the same time, I won’t cry if suddenly I’m released. I love the kids. I just feel like I’m not allowed to teach and that my music education degree is seen as a detriment instead of an asset. It’s apart of me. I have to use that knowledge. It is what it is. So drama at the meeting house tomorrow I guess…

I’m just saying, if you are to be an instrument of God’s will there is no way you can make a sound if others are clamping down your strings in order to keep you silent, or worse yet, to only allow you to play the parts that they, as humans, want to hear.

That got a little too serious for coca, sorry about that. I hope your March is going well and that many blessings go your way! Until later my friends!



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