The Very Busy Sunday

It sounds like a story title for my Fiction, Fantasy, and Facts section of my blog, doesn’t it?

Unfortunately, when I’m overwhelmed, I have a tendency to shut down and lose any semblance of creative writing skills! No creeptastic story to match that image today!

Tomorrow, I have been tasked with giving a talk. A talk is when a person is asked by the bishop(s) to speak to the congregation.

Sometimes they let you pick a topic. Sometimes the bishop assigns you a talk to watch/read and then expand upon.

I was also…. told I would be a great choice as a substitute for the Sunday School teacher’s class after our sacrament meeting (service). I decided I could give it a go before I was asked to talk. I was told what lesson I was to teach and from what I understand the lesson is overly planned for and extensive and in a book I can access online/on my LDS app.

Then, I have my usual duties to attend to, as music leader for the primary.

I’m a little frustrated. I think expecting me to be prepared for all three hours is a lot on top of being a teacher all week.

However, being a teacher makes me automatically good at multitasking like this, right?

My hope is that I can pull these things off. My hope is that next time know I’ll ask, “It depends, is the bishopric planning on giving me a talk too?” Not to be mean but because I’m overly stressed out with my workload. It’s not wrong to know my limits and set limits with others.

There is supposed to be a baby shower today. I did not RSVP to go because I knew I had a lot to do, and my husband had a fun event to go to. His event involves live ammunition, so no kids.

Baby showers traditionally only want the kid in the stomach to attend… and it just seemed smart for me to stay in. Which sucks because I’m feeling pretty lonely. It’s good for me because I need to get comfortable with being alone. However, I’m alone a lot. It would have been nice to go… maybe next time.

I made him promise no more than 2 hours out because, I’ve got a lot I must do. Because he’s working 3 nights a week, we had guests over for dinner on the 4th night and last night we dared to watch a movie together. I feel it’s not a crazy request, to ask him to return by lunch.

I just hope, starting now, I can get it all together. Here’s my plan:

  • I’m going to pretend the talk is like a WordPress post, and publish it even. My hope is that that will make the talk seem more familiar, written in That format.
  • Then, I will look over the Sunday School lesson and pick out the main themes and see if I need to read anything from the Bible (that seems to be where they are… Genesis was a thing last week), or the Book of Mormon. Then, print anything it suggests for activities.
  • Next, I have my music lesson to plan. I am going to over plan my lesson because I’m not quite sure what is being asked of me. So I am just going to be super ready. I’ll plan what the primary book says (I’m foggy on if this is my lesson printed out or if it’s her lesson and I end it with a song):

  • I will plan the activity I will do with our monthly song, My Heavenly Father Loves Me.
  • Lastly, I will review the signs for our yearly song, I am a Child of God. I am teaching the kids the 1st verse and the chorus in American Sign Language. We should review the signs.

That’s the plan. I also need to clean my house. Too bad I used my sick days last week for actually being sick. I could use this Monday off.

Such is life!

(My school system does not celebrate President’s Day. We never have it off.)


  1. gigglingfattie

    We don’t have president’s day here in Canada, but we do have a holiday this Monday. It’s called “Family Day”. Basically, just an excuse to have a day off in the middle of the winter haha. Why doesn’t your school system celebrate President’s Day? Do you teach at a religious school?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. afternoonofsundries

      I can get behind Family Day!

      I am going to tell you why I think we don’t celebrate Presidents Day, this is an outsider’s perspective.

      My county is predominately people of color, specifically Lumbee and other native peoples. The presidents of our nation haven’t exactly done much for the Natives of our Country as a whole. Being white mostly (I am Osage Native American my grandfather grew up on a reservation) I exist here in the 5% of the population. It’s a unique perspective.

      I could be wrong though. In every other place I’ve taught, we’ve celebrated Presidents Day.

      Liked by 1 person

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