Media Monday Vol. 9

Good Monday to you my friends! I hope that you have a seasonally appropriate beverage and some time because itsssss


Okay, maybe it’s not that exciting.

Today I have some low key media suggestions for you:

How Steinways Are Made

How to Get Out of Parking Fines

Chicken Attack (Offensive Language Warning (mild)⚠️)

Yodeling is actually one of the hardest vocal expressions.

British Airways Safety Video

What Peter Dinklage Had to Walk Away From

Baby Shower Rebelled (Language Warning ⚠️ (mild) )

Lastly, a favorite Comic of Mine…

Seems to be moving into bigger and better things!

You can find new awesome comics in all of the media sources at the bottom of his comic and on WEBTOON under Books of Adam (so worth it). Good luck to him!!

Any media you would like to share? Please comment below so I can feature it (and your blog) next week on Media Monday!


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