Media Monday Vol. 8

It’s Monday and that means it’s time to see what strangeness/fun/funny/positive media I have discovered via the internet!

This week, I have a lot of older cartoons to share with you. I have been collecting these comics on my camera roll to display on Media Monday and frankly…. life happened and I lost them amongst the CDubs photos. They are however, still funny so I give you, Media Monday: Comic Edition!

This piece was produced by artist

I love Spirited Away! Lol!

I have been a huge Adam Ellis fan for a long time. Sure I am a pale, not with it awkward woman but still, he makes me laugh!

Yup, me and my cats whenever I want to go to bed, sit on the couch, or just about anything… they draped themselves across my outfits for work, they will even sleep on me if I made it to bed first. You know, because I’m sleeping in their spot.

These next comics are The Square Comics Which are delightfully dark and always cause me to laugh/snort. Can’t help it, total mess!

And this is how I’ve always felt about The Giving Tree. Eh. I’m different.

This gem I discovered… I don’t even know but man, I love the lasso of truth! 🤣

Poor butthurt superheroes! Lol!

I admit, the next graphic is graphic. A lot of people do not enjoy cursing. I do. It adds a certain flavor sometimes that can cause you to laugh out loud when you’re having a bad day. One such day, months ago, I was being aggravated by something surely trivial. As I scrolled through Instagram I saw this seemingly innocuous post with flowers. Expecting some golden wisdom, possibly Biblical in origin, I saw the complete opposite and almost spat hot coca all over my desk and school computer.

If you do not enjoy cursing, please do not scroll any further and enjoy your week! Know that I appreciate your visit. Please also know cursing, while enjoyed by me at times, will not become a common occurrence on Media Monday! Thank you and be blessed!




………… here we go, the naughty words! (Now I’m afraid it’s not as funny as I thought at the time and I shall disappoint. Ah well, here we go!)


Listen, these are a great many arseholes in our world. Sometimes we can reason with them. Sometimes we can understand their point of view. But never believe it is your job to reason with them or understand them. You are not the fuckface whisperer. Just because you can, doesn’t mean you have to. Which is quickly becoming a personal mantra of mine. People in the past and present for that matter do like to take advantage of me and my good nature (that I try so hard to have). Just because I can do a lot of things, like understand arsehats, doesn’t mean I have to. Neither do you.

So with that, I bid the rest of you good folks, a good Monday and a wonderful week. Be blessed!


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