Wednesday’s Work

A lot of bloggers have amazing things to sell/showcase. A lot are honest to goodness published writers or gurus with amazing systems and workshops and things to offer other people. A lot of the time I will get an alert telling me that it’s Wednesday Work and I see entrepreneurs going forth and selling their products and I think, “gosh aren’t they productive, they’ve got something they are successful at and they are living the dream!”

Where as on my Wednesdays at work consist of activities like how-long-can-I-hold-my-pee and I-went-to-college-for-this-s*^%? Yes, Wednesdays well, any day of the traditional workday are filled with shiny promise.

Alright, I admit I’m jealous. I don’t have anything to sell, but I want to share on Wednesdays too.

So I thought, surely I could share about my school day and give others a glimpse into the wonderment that is southern public schools in the United States of America.

ThenI remembered that the state I live in frowns upon me actually sharing anything about what I do. I’ve actually signed legally binding contracts stating I will not say certain things on social media while employed here.

I can no longer regale you with the things children say or talk about ethical quandaries. My job is that I teach children in Band and Music classes 5 days a week.

I may be able to give advice about audience behavior or implore you to keep your sick child home but I can no longer be specific. I am hedged.

So even if I had work to share it wound have to be mundane things like lesson plans and self published etude books.


Oh Xander, you alter leaving arse

My problem is, I want to join in but I can’t be specific…

And so, as well lay here in my Queen Penguin Pjs (yes, I’m quite toasty) I decided there must be a way around this problem. I think every educator has thought that before. How can I do what I want to do without spending money/causing drama/getting fired/breaking the rules.

I can’t talk about work, but there is nothing for I can find that says I cannot post on social media or blogs about things I need to work on or work through. So if I decided that next Wednesday’s Work I would talk about the dangers of kleptomania, well that’s not a problem. I could also regale the world about the importance of practicing good hygiene, new slang you can use with young people, and how many cuss words

aren’t considered to be bad words any more.

I could also take it in a more positive path and talk about good things that can happen like thoughtful young people that made a older woman’s day. I could talk about learning experiences through flash fiction pieces and the like.

I could speak on things I need to overcome as a reflective practitioner such as working in a global community and collaborating with others.

Or I could you know, talk about my feelings. In general. Like anger.

You see, I can share on Wednesdays! Hurray!

So when I feel the need for… sharing what needs to be worked on personal or otherwise, you will see a nifty image:

And then you would know I have something positive or negative to share about life. So now you know about Wednesday’s Work and what Work Wednesday might work though!

Thank you, as always for reading and please tell me what you think about the concept of Wednesday’s Work!

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