Snow Day Beverage Share

It’s true! Somehow in the Sandhills of NC we have managed to get a snow day. I can’t say it’s impossible but it’s not often it snows at the beach (which isn’t that far away from the Sandhills).

Last night, we braved the blustery winds and poked around in the falling snow:

And last night the snow did not let up for a second:

The first thing I heard through the monitor this morning was, “Mommy get up and play in the snow?” So we brushed the sleep from our eyes and got outdoors:

The snow was so fluffy and light we couldn’t really make a snowman. We could barely pack snowballs but managed this little fellow for CDubs. He seemed content. We’ve been inside for about four hours and I’m pretty sure he’s ready to go out again tomorrow . We hear there is a great hill close by, we might just go check it out…

Stay warm my friends!



    1. afternoonofsundries

      Your comment! You got flagged as spam, and I am so sorry your lovely comment was locked up with ads for viagra and cheap Ray Bans!

      The snow days were glorious and now that we’ve been back at school for a full two weeks, I miss the snow days again! Lol!


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